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Heel studs: the essential detail for guests at parties in places with grass

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We all know that feeling of going to a party and having your heels sink into the grass or gravel. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it can ruin the favorite shoes you have chosen for this special occasion. What’s more, they may be new and The mere possibility of the material deteriorating due to the unevenness of the floor is already an unnecessary risk..

For some time now, in events of a certain level in which the organization is detail-oriented, Guests are offered protective pads for their heels.of different thickness for a better adaptation, from the widest and square ones, to stiletto heels.

These are adjustable covers made of silicone or a material that looks similar to plastic, such as PVC, with a wider base than the heel that prevents it from getting stuck, protecting the final part of that support of the shoe, ranging between a height of 1 to 2 centimeters.

Heel studs are a cheap and essential detail for guests.

Their price is affordable and they are usually sold in batches, which means that the pair has a price much less than 1 euro. In addition, they take up so little that, if the hosts do not offer it, it fits perfectly in a small clutch party, in any type of bag or in a pocket.

Now, for all our readers who are organizing an event with a garden, a small cloth bag with a pair of protectors is a very grateful gesture for the guests who come in heels. It is a detail that has almost no economic relevance when a party is being organized for a group and is considered a courtesy for the enjoyment of the cocktail and even more so, of course, if the possibility of dancing is planned.

Small details don’t shake the budget, or even shake it when it comes to throwing a party. Quite the contrary, they do improve the memories and feelings of the people who have come, since the hosts have thought at all times about the well-being and happiness of their guests. And if so, let the party continue!

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