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Helena Díez-Fuentes: “The Master of Ceremonies or MC is key so that your event is not a brick”

For 10 years she has been a presenter at corporate events or MC (Master of Ceremonies) what Americans would say. but in Spain, the task of a Master of Ceremonies is still confused with those of a presenter or a speaker.

During the pandemic, you held hundreds of events on-line Isn’t it even more difficult to motivate the audience or public with the barrier of the screen than in a live event?

Oh, yes… at the beginning of the pandemic I thought I wouldn’t be able to… I told myself: “My forte is improvisation, with a live audience! How am I going to do it if I don’t see anyone…?” In that sense they are much more difficult but, in reality, they have other advantages that in-person events do not have.

In fact, one of the mistakes that many companies made when holding events on-line during the pandemic is wanting to transfer an event that they were used to doing in person in exactly the same way (or in a very similar way) to the on-line and it does not work.

The format on-line It poses some difficulties and also some advantages that the face-to-face format does not have. You have to know what they are in advance to avoid the former and take advantage of the latter. Because, at the end of the day, “the show must go on.”

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