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Henar Álvarez: “They have lovers and they are whores, but if we deceive them, it is a drama”

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What happened with Henar Álvarez is an earthquake. It’s like seeing the sea for the first time. It’s like stupefying happiness. Pure joy, spin, overflow, punkarrism, sensuality. Outlandish situations, hilarious reflections, unusual freshness. She is our friend, even if she is not. We love it well, because it has to do with all of us when we let ourselves be -finally- wild.

The screenwriter and comedian has been demonstrating this for years in her work – from Movie Days to Likes going by Day by day; now in goodism goodin Ser, with Quique Peinado and Manuel Burque-: it’s a walking mess. It is bright, talkative, sparkling. She breaks things naturally. It’s not that he seeks to artificially transgress the limits: it’s that he really doesn’t know where they are. Or maybe they never existed.

Now he is launching a graphic novel that is like a car on fire: The Bad Milk (Planet), illustrated by Ana Müshell, where she steps on all the calluses from charisma and feminism. The story stars his alter ego Nani., a new mother – like her – who is fed up with everyone. From work, from the demands of society, from the machismo that floats in the air, from the panic of death – she is a divine hypochondriac, Woody Allen style -, from not knowing how to manage their overflowing eroticism.

All because of an unresolved sexual desire: “Now I have a four-year-old son. When I got pregnant I had a lot of fears. The first, of course, as happens to so many women, was losing space in my professional career. They never fear that. The other fear was being forgotten as a desiring being, which is why in this book there is a claim about it.”, he relates.

Desire and motherhood

“It made me very upset to think of my partner sucking my milk, and I told him: let’s see, you have to do it now. I have three months, okay? Time is running out. And she didn’t do it, but I don’t hold it against her,” she laughs into the phone. That’s where the thread of the book begins, in that frustrated desire that leads Nani to have an adventure with an adorable, candid, beautiful and somewhat silly young man. Good old Gonzalo.

It happens that when a woman is a mother, she already becomes the ‘mother of’, as if she had no sexual desire. It is not contemplated that she may have an affair, or that she may go out with friends… too much is demanded of us. As soon as she takes her feet out of the pot a little, she is considered a bad mother,” she snorts.

That’s a great point in the story: that the protagonist doesn’t feel guilty about her infidelity. For her punctual little party. By her gray hair in the air. “An enormous importance has been given to sex. To our sex, yes, because the infidelities of gentlemen… they have spent their lives from the house of their mistresses to the houses of whores, is a very established spectrum in society and nothing happens, but if we deceive them, drama. We have seen it a lot in fiction and in reality,” she shoots.

“And many times we don’t consider them evil or disgusting people! The same thing happens with her. She is an aunt who gets itchy sometimes, like everyone else. And she’s a good aunt. She just gave birth, her body is rave. We are no one’s possessions… and we are human. Besides, In general I think that infidelities can even be good. A double life no longer, that’s something else”.

The ‘dumb blonde’

Gonzalo here represents the classic role that the “dumb blonde” has played in sexist cinema. Cute, nice, naive. Lovable, too. “I love some of those blondes and I really like them, like the police secretary in Twin Peaks. Before we had the thing that We liked older men, that they filled us intellectually, that we listened to them and that we were left with our mouths open.…well look, no. You have to give Men, Women and Vice Versa a chance with the sound removed. “I don’t want to admire anyone anymore, I want them to admire me.” Bimba.

“Men don’t listen to us and love us, why don’t we do the same with them?” The big question is: Where are our object-men? Why can’t we date guys who aren’t bright but who are really hot? Why have we believed that they are not capable of making us happy? Those are some of the questions that Henar raises.

“And then the age thing. I hate this old saying ‘a man is the age of the woman he dates’. Well, then, how old is she? The whole framework is set up so that we are the youngest in the relationship so that we are also the most bossable.”

Néstor, for his part, who plays his partner, is a sweet gentleman: he is in the background, he is a good father, a good boyfriend, patient, not at all jealous, affectionate… “He is a modern-day man. He is the guy that anyone should be, whether man or woman. Care is also your responsibility. But it is in a secondary place because I didn’t want the book to become the story of how a couple overcomes infidelity. I wanted to tell her story: how she lives her desire after becoming a mother. If I gave him more space, the reader would empathize with him,” she outlines.

comical women

Henar says that men have told us for a long time “that we cannot be funny, just as we have been told that we cannot be intelligent, or critical, without ceasing to be sexy”. “I tried to publish a book a while ago and a publisher offered me to write a feminist essay. I said: no, I make fiction, that’s my job. I wanted to do this book. Well, they called me into the office and told me: ‘No woman is going to read this because women don’t talk like that.’ And nothing, I said: well that’s how I am and that’s how I feel life, and I’m a woman. I like to talk about sex, I like to provoke. I wanted all of that to be there. I didn’t want a book without personality.”.

The comedian says that if they have tricked us into believing that we are not funny, it is because, if not, how could they flirt? “Humor gives prestige, it puts you in the center of the target. Humor is power. How many people have we not fucked because they were funny at a dinner, for a while, and then they were a fucking picture?” he winks. Well yes. Amen.

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