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Hermione Jean Granger, the Muggle descendant who saved Harry Potter from death

We all know that the Harry Potter saga is marked by two key characters such as Harry Potter and Voldemort. Despite this, there is a indispensable character For the development of the story, she is a woman and her name is Hermione.

Hermione Granger is an icon of feminism, just like Emma Watson, the actress who gives her life in the movies. We have seen it grow, evolve and become a fundamental pillar without which Harry would have died in the first book.

Readers of the Harry Potter saga demonstrating in favor of Hermione.

The character of Hermione stands out for being the daughter of a Muggle or ‘mudblood’, something that makes her different from the rest from the beginning and a way of being attacked for being inferior to a child of wizards. So the magician has to face the double adversity of being a woman and being the daughter of non-mages.

The magician is the thinking brain of the protagonist trio and her intelligence is well known by her companions. Thanks to her evolution in the saga, other female figures gain prominence, such as Ginny Weasley or Luna Lovegood.

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