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High boots, Hoss Intropia’s great bet for this fall-winter

High boots are one of the big bets of this season that, like every fall/winter, are expected to be a trend. For this reason, the Spanish women’s brand Hoss Intropia has launched a new collection of this type of footwear, presenting them as the best complement for these dates.

It’s about a versatile accessory and therefore easy to combine. It can be worn with virtually any outfit, from jeans to skirts and dresses. It also doesn’t matter when you use them, with a little imagination you can adapt them to looks Night and day.

Hoss Intropia is a Spanish feminine brand with a Mediterranean spirit, and a bohemian, romantic and sophisticated style, with its own personality. The firm’s designs are characterized by special attention to details. The differentiated design and quality are the hallmark of its products.

They have options both for everyday life and for special occasions and they want each woman to bring out her personality. They want to be the firm that differentiates each woman from the rest and makes her be true to herself. For this reason, all their collections have women’s names. They do it to pay tribute to them and because they consider them their main source of inspiration.

Hoss Intropia was born in 1994 and, since then, it has developed a brand strategy with which it has achieved a important recognition both in Spain and internationally.

Tendam, a company in the fashion sector specialized in brand management, acquired Hoss Intropia to relaunch it in 2021, maintaining the initial essence of the brand. The firm is present in 39 points of sale in Cortefiel and Pedro del Hierro, integrating its own image.

Hoss Intropia has a multidisciplinary team led by A multidisciplinary team led by designer Alejandra Valero.

Courtesy of Hoss Intropia

The brand sustainability prevails as a fundamental value, to the point that its entire growth strategy is, at the same time, a sustainability strategy that is committed to a growing commitment to environmental responsibility.

A new collection of boots

In this new proposal the brand has included various boot designs. Features style-inspired options cowboy that follow a design with a mini triangular heel, high boots with a country-style wooden heel and flat high-top boots.

The boots in this collection are characterized by having a feminine look and original design that at the same time adapts to trends. Furthermore, continuing with its commitment to sustainability, the firm is enrolled in a ethical and sustainable initiativesince they are made with leather from tanneries audited by the Leather Working Group.

Hoss Intropia boots collection Season 2022/2023

Courtesy of Hoss Intropia

With this collection and with the rest of the products it offers, the firm wants to convey the message that it is not just a brand, it is something beyond, A lifestyle. A philosophy that each woman can adapt to her particular world.

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