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High waist or low waist: the keys to knowing how to combine each pair of jeans

Jeans are one of the essential items of clothing to have a good wardrobe. They are a classic and very versatile garment, which when combined well, saves you from those days when choosing what to wear becomes a real odyssey.

Nowadays there are multiple models, it is important to know which ones best suit you according to your body in order to find that perfect pair of jeans. Bell-bottom, skinny, straight cut, mom fit…there are a lot of different models. Of course, if we talk about the rise of the pants, this season there are two par excellence: high-rise jeans and low-rise jeans.

High-rise jeans

High-waisted pants are those that fit our waist well above our hips, exceeding the navel area. These types of pants greatly stylize the figure.

  1. They will make your legs look longer thanks to their design and cut.
  2. Its design hides the volume of the abdomen area and creates a flat abdomen effect.
  3. It increases the volume of the gluteal area thanks to the high waist, which enhances this area of ​​the body and helps show off our curves.

Of course, if we want to take advantage of all these benefits, we must take into account certain tips to avoid making mistakes and combining this type of jeans poorly.

Rights and mistakes to combine high-waisted jeans

The zipper area

It seems like a silly fact, but the zipper area, which often goes unnoticed, can influence how the jeans look.

A Jean high-rise It has to have a freer front areaso you have to choose the size carefully so that that area is not too tight, otherwise, gaps will form and the result will not be flattering.

Always above the ankles

The length of these pants is also essential when using them. The trick is to choose models whose cut is at the ankle or even a little above.

Choose the right top

When combining them, it does not make sense to use a loose top that hides the waist of the pants, since otherwise you will hide the characteristic of the garment (the high waist) under layers.

In this case we recommend being daring and opting for tops that stick to the body as much as possible, and if not, always tuck them in. You have to get the most out of these pants and, since they are so flattering, show off your figure.

The models you need

Ways to wear a high waist

Once we know the keys to getting the size and model right, we have selected three different high-waisted pants (from Zara) and three options to combine them now that summer is coming.

The first model is a high-rise washed effect jean. It has a flared hem just at ankle height. In this case, by having the front closure with buttonsthe key is to combine it with a top that shows that detail, such as the asymmetrical white crop top in the photograph.

In the second option, we find fluid high-waisted pants with straight legs. By having more volume at the bottom, Opting for a basic, close-fitting t-shirt will give you a 10-point look.

And finally, and perfect for going to the office, a pair of classic high-waisted jeans with a zipper closure. By combining it with a tucked-in shirt, we get a perfect outfit for going to work.

Low-rise jeans

Many of us swear never to wear this type of pants again, but the aesthetics of the 2000s have returned and, for now, it seems that it will stay for a season. This model of pants may seem risky, since having such a low rise, it leaves practically the entire abdomen area exposed.

At first glance it may seem that you need a flat, sculpted abdomen to be able to wear them, but there are several tricks to find a way to benefit us.

  1. Choose a top that reaches just above the navel, so you won’t expose your entire abdomen, but you will still get the same youthful effect of the low rise.
  2. Include double waistband and even a strip of fabric imitating underwear. This will make it optically look like we are wearing pants. low-rise, but in reality we will feel as if we were wearing a high-waisted one.
  3. Finally, combining them with a blouse or a voluminous t-shirt will also hide the abdomen area and flatter your figure.

The models you need

As for the models, we have also opted for three, combining them with the tricks mentioned above.

The first, from Pull&Bear, is a low-rise, wide-leg model. In this case you have to play with the volume, so choosing a close-fitting top that covers the navel area is perfect in this case. The top chosen in the photograph also complies with another of the season’s trends: combine denim with denim.

Secondly, we have a Zara jean with a fitted leg and flared hem. If you wear it with a blouse, you will get a very youthful and elegant look at the same time.

And finally, at Stradivarius we find a low-rise, straight-leg flowy trouser, with the aforementioned waistband trick. Perfect for those who do not want to give up the low-rise fashion and look for one that favors yes or yes.

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