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‘Hip thrust’: this is the perfect exercise to tone your glutes in record time

After the Christmas excesses, resuming a good sports routine, with exercises that work each area specifically, is presented as a necessity. Not only is it essential to eliminate excess fat, it is also essential to take care of our health in general.

Practicing is usually easier than it seems. Some exercises such as rowing or burpees They are already classics that can be practiced in any space, even at home. It is also the chaos of the so-called “hip thrust“. A technique that has conquered celebrities like Pilar Rubio. What does it consist of? How to practice?

What are the hip thrusts?

Those who have already discovered it have not returned to the squat routine. As explained by Sara Álvarez, an expert at RETO48, a wellness with a comprehensive approach to fitness: “the hip thrusts They are one of the best exercises to work the lower body of our body and, specifically, the most effective for shaping the buttocks.

Although it also strengthens the back of the thigh, it activates the glutes more than any other movement. By using our hips, we can do it with higher weights that accelerate the results.”

How to practice it?

  • Rest your upper back on a bench or stable surface that is that high. The key is that the body must be perpendicular to the angle of the bench.

  • The back must be kept straight and flat and it must be ensured that it does not arch at any time.

  • When going up, we must achieve hyperextension in the hips that form a 90-degree angle when our knees are in the air.

  • To start the exercise you have to raise your hips, tighten your belly and keep your back flat by pushing as hard as possible while squeezing your glutes as intensely as possible when raising them.

  • When lowering your hips, you have to touch your buttocks to the ground, and go back up quickly.

  • It is important to block the torso so that the hips rise and fall while always maintaining stability.

  • To accelerate results and mark the gluteal muscles even more, you can add weight. The most recommended would be a Bulgarian bag supported between the pelvis and lower abdomen.

How often should it be done?

“To activate this muscle we recommend doing 3 sets of between 8 and 15 repetitionsalways keeping in mind that the quality of the exercise – and executing it perfectly – is better than the quantity.

To mark the glutes well, working with a load, we suggest between 4 and 6 series and between 8 and 12 repetitions, depending on the weight used,” the experts highlight.

“By strengthening the gluteal muscles, we can help reinforce hip extension and with this, teach other muscle groups to maximize their performanceas well as reducing ailments in the knees and lower back” they add.

When toning your glutes, keep in mind the exercise of the Mountain climbers. How to do it? Place your knees at chest height, with a rhythm for good fat burning, and taking care not to arch your back to avoid injuries to the lower back.

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