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How Ana Soria takes care of herself to stay in shape: this is the secret of her diet

Ana Soria has become one of the celebrities of the moment. His relationship with the famous bullfighter Enrique Ponce It began in 2018, when she began to follow the right-hander through her social networks out of pure admiration for bullfighting. From that moment on, they created a bond that has had her comings and goings, but that has managed to resist the passage of time and the heat of the media.

The young woman, only 24 years old, has had to deal with her partner’s fame and the fact that their romance has been the cover of all the media and a topic of debate on social networks. With its ups and downs, the couple continues to move forward and has recently become news for having made a commented appearance on the show Antenna 3 of The Anthill.

Both are the couple of the moment, since their public presence has been a true revolution. And many have taken advantage of the situation to highlight the spectacular appearance that the young woman looks like. Her beauty and physical condition have generated many comments and now we discover what her preferred diet is to stay so well.

What is Ana Soria’s diet?

The first thing to be clear about is that Ana Soria, although she takes care of herself, has enviable genetics and that cannot be copied. Enrique Ponce’s girlfriend confesses that she does not follow any specific training routine and that she does not practice any particular sport either. She likes to walk a lot, preferably for her Almeria native, but little else. His constitution works in his favor when it comes to showing off impressive measurements.

Some of her secrets are also hidden in her beauty care, which she does not usually show through her social networks, where she publishes a good part of her life and her daily life. Her growth in recent months has been incredible and she already has more than 133,000 followers on Instagram.

The young woman is a lover of fashion and especially of bullfighting and the daughter of the lawyer Federico Soria and of Rosa Moreno. He managed to conquer the right-hander so much that in 2021 he decided to make a temporary withdrawal from his activity and both even closed their social networks to avoid harassment. Now, after almost a year of blackout, Ana Soria has returned to ‘her arena’, a role for which many already call her an influencer. After three years together, they live happily in a luxurious villa in Almería.

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