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How do you make a ‘siren eyes’? This is the easiest way

If something has revolutionized social networks is the world of makeupwhere all users share their tricks to get the best looksjust as they are capable of adapting the complicated makeup of professionals with simple formulas that we can then copy on a daily basis.

One of the most viral makeups of recent times is the technique ‘siren eyes’ or siren eyeswith which a lifting effect is achieved in the look: lengthens, tears and elevates.

Apparently, it was the American makeup artists who gave her the surname Mermaid because with it they get points of sensuality in the eyes.

How do you make a ‘siren eyes’?

The success of this makeup is achieved by leaving a blank space in the center of the lash line when outlining them.

And this is the fundamental difference with respect to other makeup of this type, such as ‘cats eyes’ or ‘foxy eyes’since in this case, the water line of the eyes is not painted with a white or cream pencil.

The new technique proposes a dramatic line that darkens just at the edges of the look. It favors almond-shaped eyes, not so much round eyes or excessively slanted ones.

The ‘siren eyes’ only use black eye pencil in a part of the water line, specifically at the end, to enhance the sensation of a slanted eye. We could call this way of lining the eye choppy, since The tear duct is also outlined, but in a more subtle way. In short, mermaid eyeliner only works on the beginning and end of the eyelid.

The middle of the mobile eyelid and the eye socket are also made up with black, maintaining the darkness in the accent area. The trick is that here There are no lines and the movement of the stroke must always maintain a certain everything must be perfectly cast.

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One of the makeup artistyes most famousyes of TikTok, Danielle Marcanhe explained through a tutorial how the effect was achieved, step by step.

But also, companies like Sephora have made it easier to imitate this type of makeup by counting with your products and through the following tips:

  1. Use an eyeshadow as a base and a soft brush to create a long, outer shape along the upper and lower lashes. First apply a shadow with a light shade, then apply a darker shade to intensify the V in the outer corners.

  2. Trace the wing of the outline with the Tattoo Pencil Liner Waterproof Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner or the Tatto Liner Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner by KVD Beauty, with which you find it most comfortable to work. For the Siren Eyesthe angle of the liner is the most important thing in the entire process: it is essential to extend the liner from the lower waterline to achieve a lower movement that takes the eye away from the face, instead of up.

  3. The next step varies depending on the product used in the previous step. With the eye pencil, you have to blend the liner, with a dense shadow brush, in line with the upper and lower eyelashes. With the liquid eyeliner, continue the line of the lash line and reduce it towards the center of the eyelid. In both ways, the eyeliner connects with the eye, giving a feeling of length to your look.

  4. To define the tear duct, take your eyeliner and draw a water line focusing on the corners and keep the fine liner in the center of the eyelids, lengthening its shape towards the nose. Thanks to the formula waterproof of the Liners The makeup effect will be much longer lasting.

  5. Finally, to complete the look, fill in your outer lashes with the Go Big Or Go Home mask by KVD to emphasize the elongated shape of your look.

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