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How long does Correos de Mexico take to deliver an international package?

How long does Correos de Mexico take to deliver an international package?

For international Mexpost Messaging and Parcel shipments, you can make your shipment from any Post Office that has a Mexpost Window. Delivery times vary depending on the destination: North America, Central America and the Caribbean from 5 to 8 days; South America and Europe 8 to 10 days; Rest of the world 8 to 10 days. The maximum weight allowed for a shipment is 20 physical kilos and 30 volumetric kilos. There is no minimum number of pieces to send, you can send from 1 piece. However, you must keep in mind that sending courier or parcels considered prohibited is not allowed. For more information about what is prohibited, you can consult the following website: . We also invite you to answer our satisfaction survey to find out about your experience at gobmx. Remember to print the entire page. The legality, veracity and quality of the information is the responsibility of the agency, entity or productive company of the State that provided it.

How do you receive a package through Correos de México?

To label a letter or package, follow these simple steps:

1. Write the full name, street, number, neighborhood, mayor’s office or municipality, and zip code.

2. Place the sender in the upper left corner of the envelope or package, while the recipient should be in the lower right corner.

3. Remember that the addresses should be clearly visible on the front, not on the part where the envelope is closed.

How do I know if my package is in Mexico Customs?

The easiest way to track a package is through the tracking number on the shipping company’s website. Once the package arrives at customs, the page will provide you with information about its status. Some shipping companies offer more specific details, such as the exact location of customs and entry time. It can even indicate if the package is on hold. Additionally, the shipping company can send you a relief message when the package leaves customs, meaning it is on its way to your hands.

How do you know when a Post Office package will arrive?

To track a package and know its location, we not only have the online service, but also telephone support. This is another way to track and check the status of a shipment without needing a home computer or Internet connection. If you want to track a package by phone, simply call the number 01 800 701 7000 and choose the Parcel Tracking option. Then, provide the tracking or tracking number and you will receive all the detailed information. You can also call 55 57297600.

What do I do if a package is detained at customs?

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How long does a package take through customs at Correos de México?

In Mexico, if a package is held in Customs, it can take between 7 and 30 days to be released. However, this period can be extended up to 60 days, so it is important to take action in this regard. The best option is to go to customs and present the corresponding claim. To do this, you must first track the package using the shipping number and check if it is detained at customs. If so, the customer will receive an email notification with instructions for releasing the package. Subsequently, the carrier will send a notification to the customer confirming the retention of the package at customs. It is crucial to respond to this notification as soon as possible, as the data provided will be subject to review. If the information sent is correct, the package will be released in 7 days. If any data is missing, the client will be notified to complete it again. If you have any questions or contributions on this topic, do not hesitate to share your experience in the comments.

What does detained at customs mean?

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Package Held in Customs: How to Know and What to Do (7 minute read)
package detained in customs
December 22, 2021

Elena Yemelianova
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When shipping between countries, in most cases the package goes through customs clearance. If the information is incomplete or incorrect, the package will likely be held in customs until the error is corrected. In our article, you will discover how to know if your package is detained in customs and how long it may take to be released.

What happens if I don’t pay the customs tax?

The consequences of lying at customs or on customs documents may vary depending on the severity of the violation. In minor cases, taxes will be calculated based on the actual value of the item and you will be asked to pay the required amount. However, if the violation is more serious, the consequences may be more severe.

One of the consequences may be having to pay the corresponding fee for customs taxes. If you don’t pay the required taxes, customs officials may hold your shipment until you do. In extreme cases, if too much time passes without you paying, the shipment may be returned to the sender or even destroyed.

Additionally, by avoiding paying taxes at customs, you may face financial penalties and fines for tax evasion. In serious cases, you may even receive a lawsuit or complaint.

Another consequence of lying at customs is that you may have problems with insurance in case of damage or loss of the shipment. If you undervalued the shipping, the insurance will only cover the declared value and not the actual amount it cost.

If you are an online seller, having problems with customs can affect your reputation, as your buyers may leave negative reviews on your store. In addition, customs fraud can cause prices to rise and packages to be held longer in customs, which can generate mistrust and lead to greater verification of your shipments.

To avoid these problems, it is advisable to manage the shipments of your online store with a trusted courier company. This will help you ensure that your shipments comply with all customs regulations and reach your customers on time.


The time it takes for a package to clear customs from Correos de México can vary, but generally can take from a few days to several weeks. To know when a package will arrive to you, you can track it online with the tracking number provided. To receive a package through Correos de México, you must present official identification and sign the delivery receipt. If you want to know if your package is in Mexico customs, you can check the tracking status online or contact Correos de México customer service. If your package is detained at customs, you must follow the instructions provided by the customs authorities to release it. If you do not pay the customs tax, your package may be detained or returned to the sender. “Customs Held” means that your package has been detained by customs authorities for inspection or payment of taxes and duties.

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