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How many types of eyebrows are there and which ones are ideal for your face?

Our face is in the first thing someone notices when meeting us and, although we cannot do anything to change its basic structure, there are elements of it that can be molded to enhance its beauty.

The eyebrows are one of the possible parts to work on to achieve a more lively and better looking face. They play the role of gaze frame and one improper hair removal It can break the harmony and symmetry that they manage to provide to your face.

So that don’t make any mistakes When it comes to shaping your eyebrows, we tell you how many types of eyebrows there are and which ones best suit your face.

Eyebrows arch-shaped They are ideal for people who have the square face. This style of eyebrows helps break the rigidity that this face transmits, characterized by a wider jaw and a longer face.

It is one of the most common face shapes in Hollywood and is considered one of the more attractive. Some of the well-known faces with this type of shape are those of Angelina Jolie or Sandra Bullock.

Therefore, less thick eyebrows will help smooth the lines so defined that they mark this face.

Angelina Jolie (square face)


In case you have round face, straight and bushy eyebrows are for you. This type of face usually has much softer features, so defined eyebrows They will give you the personality you need. The best? That the end of the eyebrow is minimally raised.

As you may have found out, when choosing the shape you need you should look at the shape of your face and always look for contrast. Some celebrities Those who have applied this technique have been Selena Gomez or Gigi Hadid.

Selena Gomez (round face)


Do you have a long face? Then completely straight eyebrows are the best option for you. This alternative helps break up the longitudinal structure of the face and they will give harmony to your face.

The trick is to comb and define them according to their natural shape, opting for straightness at all times. One of the famous people who has understood this advice perfectly has been Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sarah Jessica Parker (long face)


For a face in heart-shaped or inverted triangle-shaped, thin eyebrows with an arch are the best allies. This facial structure is characterized by being more pointed in the chin area and wider in the forehead area.

The best for her are eyebrows with soft, sparse linessince they take center stage from the upper part of the face and give it to the lower part, which is the thinnest.

Bella Hadid (inverted triangle face)


The best eyebrow design For a triangular face, thick and round eyebrows are. Unlike the inverted triangle face, this type of face is made up of a wider jaw and a smaller forehead.

Therefore, our goal is to divert attention from the mouth part and focus it on the top of the head. Nails thick eyebrows will achieve this goal.

Meghan Markle (triangular face)


If you have an oval faceyou’re in luck: almost any eyebrow design will be ideal for you, because your face is already quite symmetrical and the eyebrows should not compensate for any visual weight.

However, A safe bet is arch-shaped eyebrows.which will allow you to enhance your look, taking the actress Victoria Justice as an example.

Victoria Justice (oval face)


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