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How much does Lily Collins earn for ‘Emily in Paris’? This is the millionaire salary of the actress

Emily in Paris It premiered its third season on December 23. The series starring British-American actress Lily Collins has been a great success in audience since the premiere of its first season in 2020 and it seems that its third season is not out of line to achieve the same data.

In the series, Emily Cooper, a marketing executive from Chicago, decides to accept her dream job in the fashion world, which requires her to move to Paris. Over there, begins a new life full of work, friendship and lovein which he faces several crossroads that make him question his future.

A series that at first was not known how it would work, despite having the support of Netflix, the streaming platform par excellence. Despite this, the actress threw herself into the project, something that, without a doubt, was the right decision considering the success of each season.

After its premiere, the series gained a lot of international recognition and attention, so much so that it entered on the list of 10 shows most viewed on Netflix, a repertoire that includes Stranger Things and La Casa de Papel among others. However, this did not exempt him from the barrage of criticism that some viewers expressed publicly.

It was especially the French public that criticized the director, the scriptwriters and even the actors for promoting stereotypes of Paris that do not fit reality. Many considered that the protagonist’s adventures in the French capital These are just examples of clichés of those who don’t know the daily life of a Parisian..

What is Lily Collins’ salary?

An international success like this brings with it great monetary benefits, this has always been the case. Therefore, it is not surprising that the actress’s salary for her participation in Emily in Paris has reached millionaire figures.

According to Celebrity News, the actress earns around 300,000 euros per episode and 3 million per season.taking into account that each season of the series has consisted of 10 chapters since its premiere.

This means that Collins has pocketed a total of 9 million euros in the last three years as a result of his starring role in the series. Figures that are equivalent to what some of the actors in the most watched series on Netflix, Stranger Things, earn..

On the other hand, according to Celebrity Net Wortha website that reports on the financial information of international celebrities, The total net worth of the actress is 25 million dollars at 32 years oldwhich is equivalent to approximately 23.5 million euros.

The British singer Phill Collins, her father, has 300 million dollars that Lily and her brothers are expected to inherit. However, the actress has managed to make her way in an industry where advancing and achieving stability can be difficult.

Thus, the actress has achieved a salary that would not surprise her if she reached her father’s figures in the future.

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