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How to adopt the fashion style of the 2000s

Fashion trends come and go, they are reinvented and appear again deconstructed (and reconstructed). It is clear that fashion is cyclical. We saw it with the reappearance of shoulder pads, the return of mom jeans nineties and we are seeing it now with the return of trends very typical of the 2000s.

Bell bottoms, dresses babydoll and low waist jeans They are slowly creeping into the collections of big fashion brands and affordable fashion chains. Of course, they are also finding their way into our closets.

The 2000s were a star-studded era pop and of hip hop, like Britney Spears or who promoted fashion trends on a global scale. The prints, the brightness, the loose clothing, the vibrant colors… represent the essence of a few years that marked a before and after in the way of conceiving outfits. How can we adapt fashion from 20 years ago to today? We tell you.

Trends from the 2000s that have returned


Say goodbye to neutral tones. Vibrant colors are in fashion. We saw it on the catwalks of Valentino, Halpern and Off-White among others during Fashion Weeks. You can carry a total look a single color or mix several intense colors such as fuchsia and orange. That “pink and red kick in the eye” thing is nothing more than a myth.

Valentino (left) and Off-White (right) runway shows

Maria Nieto



The tops tight at chest height are back. The striking print is, without a doubt, the most used in this type of garment, something very typical of the 2000s. We have seen them with a line print, with alternative shapes such as the “butterfly top” and with a print. tie-dye.

Since this garment is tight, it is best to combine it with a looser garment such as flared jeans.

Model Bella Hadid walking for Givenchy



Mixing vibrant colors and prints that apparently “don’t match” was also very typical of the 2000s. Today, this trend from 20 years ago is increasingly seen.

Combine leopard prints with vibrant blues or silver pants with pink Valentino It is the ideal way to adopt this trend into your personal style. Keep in mind that something very typical of the 2000s was the famous “more is more.”


Bell-bottom pants became popular in the 80s, but they lasted until the 2000s. As expected, they have come back with a bang and they have done so in a low-rise format, something that breaks with the high-rise aesthetic that we have been following for some time. some years. You can combine them with a crop top or a sweater.

Model Emily Ratajkowsky



Fur coats were very typical of the 2000s. The combination between a suede coat and stuffed animal often simulates animal skin, but it is a synthetic version.

We have seen them in all sizes and lengths, but the most popular are those that are worn above the knee and have fur details on the neck. They are a very easy garment to combine, they are warm and, in addition, there are options in many colors.

The designer Laura Pons at an event in Madrid



Dresses bodyconthat is, those extremely close to the body, were typical of the 2000s and have returned this season, with designs with openings or cut-out. Take a good look at this trend because there are many options available and you may find your ideal dress for this Christmas.


Moving away from the maximalist aesthetics we find the trend Normcore. As we have mentioned, the 2000s were the era of mixing prints and color, but there are those who preferred to break away from the norm and continue with nineties fashion with simple styles: jeans wide, crop topwhite shirt and a long lapeled coat.

Hailey Bieber walking through the streets of New York with a Balenciaga coat


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