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How to apply highlighter correctly and quickly

The beauty bag of any makeup addict would not be complete without the so-called illuminator. As its name indicates, it is the key tool when it comes to achieving more brightness and light, in any circumstance.

Declined in a thousand versions and formats (the brush being the preferred one), its use is however not so obvious. Due to its characteristics, its excessive use can be counterproductive. Discover how to choose it and use it so that it becomes an ally.

What is it for?

“He illuminator It is a very versatile makeup product that provides a touch glow to our look beauty. Thus, its main functions are illuminate the areas of the face where light naturally falls and enhance facial features. With this combination, the result is a healthier appearance,” Primor reminds us.

“Your face has elements and features that make it look better when sculpted in a particular way. What the highlighter does is go beyond traditional makeup and give light to some areas of your face to highlight the features that you prefer most” add the experts at Kiko Milano.

In which areas to apply it?

Before even considering its application, you should know that it can be applied to numerous areas of the face. Primor highlights, for each of them:

  • Nose. Perfect if what you want is to style it. Just put a little on the partition and blend.
  • Lips. With the illuminator It is easy to enlarge your appearance. Apply a subtle touch to your Cupid’s bow.
  • Chin. A light touch on the tip of the chin refines the face.
  • Eyebrow bone. Visually enlarge your eyes and achieve a more awake look.
  • Mobile eyelid. It is useful if you use it as an eye shadow. You will achieve a touch with glitter that feels phenomenal.
  • Tear duct It will bring all the prominence to your look.
  • Cheekbone. It is the most common area and where the most mistakes are made. Always apply to the high area of ​​the cheekbone, lifting the cheeks and stylizing the face.

Primor makeup experts recommend applying it right after using makeup bases and concealers. Forget about the T zone, especially if you have oily skin, because using it will only generate more shine.

On the other hand, be careful with the amount of product you use since too much illuminator can create a very unflattering mask effect and the objective is to achieve a touch glow.

What tone to choose?

“Getting the color right illuminator It is a very simple task, it should always be one or two shades lighter than your makeup base, since its objective is to highlight your features.

So, if your skin is very white, you should choose illuminators neutral colors, such as light pinks. If you tend to be light, the rose gold color will look great on you. If, on the other hand, you tend to be darker, beige tones are best. Finally, if you are dark or ebony skinned, the illuminator “The ones that suit you best are those in gold or bronze tones” recall the Primor experts.

Some essentials

He highlighter Dior Forever Couture Luminizer of Dior reveals a spectacular iridescent finish, increasing luminosity naturally. The secret lies in its formula: it has pearlescent pigments with multidimensional reflections. Enriched with wild pansy extract, it preserves the skin’s natural hydration to ensure all-day comfort.

An all in one. This is what you propose Chanel with one of its stellar products, the Baume Essentiel, A hydrating illuminating balm that is applied with small touches to the face, to subtly illuminate.

Its texture blends with the skin, reflecting the light. It creates a play of reflections that defines the face, sublimating both sophisticated makeup and more natural looks.

He Easy Highlighter Wand It is a best-seller Charlotte Tilbury and with reason: it acts, as its name indicates, like a real magic wand. Features a cushion applicator for a radiant shine. It’s easy to apply and its luminous balm texture glides on to leave skin soft, silky and luminous.

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