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How to avoid armpit sweat: the celebrity trick from 0.2 euros

Today we reveal to you the secret they share celebrities, influencers and models to avoid the accumulation of sweat in the armpits: it is about single-use adhesive patcheswhich are placed over the seam that joins the body with the sleeve of the garment.

This well-kept secret is within your reach for a modest price. We have examined the different offers and, among the most reliable products, The price range for a pair starts at 20 cents.

Although they have different shapes, these pads usually have a practical anatomical shape to fit the armpit. They are manufactured with soft, absorbent and safe material.

Almost all brands aim to distinguish themselves from others with claims such as their careful manufacturing, the result hypoallergenic due to the sensitivity of the area of ​​the skin in which they are placed and the use of high quality microfiber fabrics.

Some of the users we have consulted tell us that they feel much safer and more comfortable knowing that the armpit area of ​​their clothing will be dry throughout the day. The most critical ones recommend us carry a spare pair in your bag because it may be necessary to replace them with others after a few hours.

If you decide to use these pads as protection, Look for a brand that ensures a powerful adhesive. It is very important that these dressings are completely fixed to the tissue and do not move or show through.

The best models are those that are completely invisible and that depends not only on their composition but also on the fabric to which they adhere. The greater the consistency and density of the garment, the easier it will be to hide the use of the patches..

You can use it interchangeably for the whole family. They do not have a special construction that distinguishes them for men’s and women’s clothing. They stick like a compress to the blouse, dress or shirt and you just have to make sure that there are no folds or wrinkles when placing it.

LZYMSZ armpit sweat pads

We recommend that, in addition to this, you continue using the antiperspirant deodorant, adding the effects of both methods to combat the difficult obstacle we face: sweat traps are not an easy enemy.

We all have a wonderful piece of clothing that has made us have a hard time due to a rash of sweat in our armpits. If you search the ocean of Google there are thousands of tips on the use of prints, dark colors, antiperspirant deodorant, talcum powder…

From that, to putting a compress on your clothes. A friend told me, laughing at herself, that when she read it she did the test and instead of putting the compress on her sleeve, she stuck it on her skin, which made the perspiration much greater. .

Now you no longer have an excuse. You can find it in department stores, drugstores and perfumeries and also on Amazon. There are different colors, shapes and sizes that can adapt to your personal tastes and needs. They usually come packaged in pairs and a few are sold in packs monthly containing from 60 units.

You can’t avoid sweating, but everything is much better if the sweat doesn’t leave a trace on us.

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