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How to build your own erotic room: the five essentials recommended by experts

We began to hear about erotic rooms with the trilogy of the Fifty Shades of Grey. Now, they have captured our attention again with the premiere of the new Netflix hit How to design an erotic room, released last July.

It is a spicy reality show in which Designer Melani Rose surprises couples with her erotic renovations. It is capable of creating everything from a rock ‘n’ roll dungeon to an amazing spa.

And, even if you have already looked into it, all information is little if you are considering building your own erotic room. “You’ll want to approach it the same way you would design any other room in your house. Although you’ll want to fill it with as much sexual furniture as possible, bondage and toys, you don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics to get it,” says Johanna Rief, Director of Sexual Empowerment at Lovehoney Group.

And he continues: “As with everything related to sexual happiness, An erotic room will only work well for you if it makes you feel comfortable and comfortable.. As long as you have the essentials, make the room fit what you want, sex will be even better.”

Plus, the company’s sexual bliss experts have put together a list of essentials for anyone looking to design their own bedroom.

These are the five essentials that specialists recommend from Lovehoney so you can build your own erotic room:

Awaken the senses

Start by creating a appropriate atmosphere for excitement. Instead of using regular candles, experts recommend using massage candles, massage oils, and diffusers.

erotic furniture

No room makes sense today without furniture, that’s clear, so why would an erotic room be any different? Erotic furniture is an ideal element for those looking optimize sexual positions and orgasm potential.

The Lovehoney team recommends starting with a sex wedge. This will allow you or your partner to maintain the most pleasurable positions for longer. Another option, although a little more striking, is an armchair or platform that enhances certain postures and invites you to try new ones.

sex toys

You can’t have a good erotic room without a good selection of sex toys, like vibrators. You can also take gaming to another level with board games.

Furthermore, although sex toys are more functional than aesthetic, experts suggest that you use them as decor.


We go to the next level. We mean including handcuffs, blindfolds… And perhaps whips or gags, each person must decide which products they are comfortable with and discard those they are not.

In any case, if you dare, specialists recommend distribute the items around the room so that you are never more than two meters away from a piece of bondage.

Swings and straps

The fastening systems They cannot be missing in a complete sexual room. Sex swings are very varied, but the main types are fixed on the door or installed on the ceiling, and offer couples support that allows you to tackle even the most difficult sexual positions.

According to experts, restraints are ideal for leading the game bondage to another level, and bed cuffs in particular will help transform your erotic bedroom into paradise.

“Regardless of how you choose to play in your sex room, always make sure that you and your partner (or partners) agree on a safe word before we start,” concludes Rief.

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