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How to choose the swimsuit or bikini that suits you, according to your body shape

Choosing the right swimsuit or bikini is one of the main objectives on the summer shopping list.. And even more this strange summer in which buying clothes in physical stores has been impossible, until now, in many places in Spain and we have had to use our eyes and imagination to know how the clothes fit until they arrived home in a package.

For this reason, the swimwear designer, Ysabel Morahas created an online guide to find out what type of swimsuits or bikinis fit best according to the shape of each body.

This well-known Valencian brand, which has more than 30 years of experience, has established four key points when it comes to knowing which garment fits best: shoulders, chest, waist and hips.


The first two models are for marked shoulders (from Roxy and Ysabel Mora) and the third for narrow shoulders.

If you have very marked shouldersIt is best to choose asymmetrical, halter or triangle necklines so that attention is not focused on this area of ​​the body. For the bottom part, if you opt for a bikini, they favor more panties with volume or with details that stand out.

However, if your shoulders are narrowthe swimsuit or bikini has to emphasize that part to give it more enhancement, so it is advisable to opt for marked or effect necklines. push up and a more regular cut panty.


The first two models are for voluminous breasts and the third for small breasts.

If you are one of the women who they have a lot of chest, it is best to choose a model that makes you feel comfortable and is flattering. At the top, the necklines that look best are halterneck, V-shaped, or swimsuits or bikinis with underwire and wide straps. In these cases, brands offer different types of cups, such as bras, which helps the model we like fit well to our body. In the case of the bottom part, you have to look for rectangular cut panties.

On the other hand, if you have little chestyou have to buy better swimwear that creates a visual effect with volume at the top, with very marked necklines and an effect push up. On the bottom, this brand advises looking for panties with details at the hip or waist.


The first two models, by Ysabel Mora, for people with a straight waist.

When you have a narrow waist and harmonious shapes You can choose almost any top model, because they will all suit you (with underwire, without underwire, halter…) it depends on taste. On the bottom, it is better to avoid panties with a lot of detail on the hips or waist.

However, if your waist is straight, you have to choose a model of swimwear that gives rhythm and redraws the shape. In this case, if we opt for swimsuits, it is better to have side openings or accessories at the waist such as a belt. The necklines that look best in these cases are asymmetrical and cut out. If we opt for bikinis, the triangle and underwire tops are the ones that fit best and the high and knotted panties help to define better.


Models that are flattering if you have wide hips (two from Ysabel Mora and one from Dolores Cortés).

Choosing between a swimsuit or a bikini does not have to be conditioned by the shape of our body since there are swimwear items that adapt perfectly to how we are in both versions. In the case of women with wide hipsthe most flattering thing is that the top part includes classic cuts such as underwire tops and the bandeau and at the bottom, high, multi-position panties. If we opt for the swimsuit, there are some lines with a control effect that help create a more stylized figure.

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