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How to cover a scar with makeup quickly and professionally

Acne, cesarean section, reconstructive surgery… all these interventions have the appearance of scars in common. This mark more or less visible to the eye also evolves over time. It tends to lighten naturally.

Not all of them logically have the same tone or thickness, so their regeneration process will not be the same. Doctors assure that It takes a year and a half for a scar to become “mature”, during this phase, will change progressively. Taking care of it is essential: constant hydration and sun protection are key.

Would you like it to go more unnoticed? There are numerous adapted products on the market that can conceal almost all scars. As in the case of tattoos, The key lies in choosing a tone very similar to your natural tonewhich will allow limiting the demarcation.

What product to choose depending on the color?

Scars are usually divided into two, in terms of tones: red and white. For the former, it is advisable to use a corrective product that is a lighter tone than your skin. For the latter, it is better to use a product that is the same as the skin. The application is the same.

How to achieve optimal coverage?

“You need a pigment-rich product called ‘corrective foundation’, a simple foundation is not enough. We spread the concealer on the back of the hand to warm it up and then rub the scar with very little product.

Then, with a wide brush, we rub the scar to cover all its imperfections. Finally, we swipe the brush along the edges to blend and unify it with the rest of the skin,” explain the experts at La Roche-Posay.

3 references to cover scars

One of the references is SOS Stick Corrector 14H, from the line Dermablend of Vichy. It’s about uA makeup base with very high coverage, a melting texture and easy to blend to instantly correct skin imperfections. Provides a natural-looking complexion, with a comfort long lasting.

It is also suitable for intense dark circles, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, scars and burn marks.

The Studio Finish SPF 35, from MAC (€26) is a creamy, light and emollient concealer, which provides discreet opaque coverage. With SPF 35 sun protection. It allows uniform, invisible and long-lasting correction of all types of imperfections, spots and skin discolorations with a natural finish.

Your secret? Its formula is so concentrated that a small amount can cover and correct a large number of imperfections. This antioxidant-rich concealer absorbs excess oil and cares for the skin thanks to its Vitamin A and E derivatives.

The Extreme Correction camouflage facial cream, from Make Up Forever It is a very buildable corrective cream that allows you to camouflage everything from small imperfections to the most extreme ones (€27.74).

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