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How to distinguish between inflammation and swelling, told by nutrition expert Cristina Barrous

Learning to distinguish inflammation from swelling is very important. A problem that is addressed to Dairio in consultation: “I am very swollen, but I don’t know if it is swollen or rather inflamed.” So that you know what is happening to you, I explain everything in this video.

Cristina Barrous reveals the differences between inflammation and swelling

Bloating is the feeling you get after eating something very, very large. For example, I always give the same example, after eating paella in Valencia and I feel full, but in a couple of hours it passes. The feeling of swelling does not continue, if you drink an infusion, if you lie down for a while, it goes away. It is something very, very specific and that reduces or disappears completely naturally.. You don’t have to do anything, at most drink an infusion.

Inflammation, however, is something that, first of all, does not only affect the gut, but is often a more holistic sensation. That is, it is a sensation of feeling heavy, that circulation is not going well, that the legs are heavy and when pressing on the flesh, white spots appear. Many times, inflammation is associated with difficult digestion that they feel that they are not flowing, that they are not moving forward.

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