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How to do eyeliner for droopy eyelids: the definitive tricks

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Any makeup lover knows that eyeliner It is a basic and one of those essentials in any makeup bag. And it is that A good eyeliner is capable of completely changing the shape of our eyes and to ensure that in seconds our gaze becomes the protagonist.

A perfect ally to show off your beautiful look and visually enlarge your eyes, in addition to facial yoga, but it is not always easy to achieve the first time. Even more so when we have to do it on some drooping eyelids.

Precisely because each type of eyes and features must have a different type of eyeliner, we know that this technique becomes especially complicated when it comes to working on a drooping eyelid. Its about mobile eyelid, which has excess skin in the upper area which makes drawing difficult. So to ensure that in those cases the eyeliner also looks beautiful, balanced and without cuts, here we bring you a series of definitive tricks to achieve it.

The definitive tricks

  1. Opt for a fine liner close to the eyelashes: The thinner and closer to the eyelashes you make the eyeliner, the more mobile eyelid surface you will have free and the less it will hinder the natural crease of the eye.

  2. Lengthens the corner continuing the line of the lower eyelid: To get the eyeliner looks perfect on this type of eyes, it is best that you choose to do the liner as if it were a continuation of the lower line of the eye and towards the end of the eyebrow. We advise you to tilt the corner, but not excessively, to avoid a jump with the fold of the mobile eyelid.

  3. Use the arrowhead technique: To perform the arrowhead technique, you will need to perform the eyeliner with your eye half open and using the eyeliner to mark the beginning and limit of the eyeliner. Once you have it marked based on the previous tips, you will have to make a kind of arrowhead, as seen in the video, and fill it in. In this way, you will prevent a jump in the eyeliner from being visible when you open your eye and you will ensure that it looks balanced and perfect.

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