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How to have a flat stomach with 5 exercises

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The abdominal sagging It is one of the biggest concerns among women and men over 40 years of age.

This is a body area with little retraction capacity because it is genetically prepared to distend during a woman’s pregnancies or when she gains kilos. Furthermore, with the passage of time, this much thinner dermis loses collagen and sagging becomes more evident.

“To have a flat stomach the first thing you need is have a low fat percentage”assures Jorge Herranzcoach at the David Lloyd Aravaca Center and adds that “to do this, you need to have a balance diet in which green leafy vegetables predominate because it will help, above all, to purify the body and with fluid retention. Always supervised by a nutritionist. Furthermore, it is important be hydrated to avoid abdominal inflammation, and of course, combine it with exercises with which the entire body is worked globally.”

The sports expert is a strong defender of healthy eating in accordance with the activity carried out. “It’s not that diet is important, it’s that it is the most important thing. “I can give you a spectacular exercise routine and train like a beast, but if you mess it up with your diet and eat many more calories than you are burning, what you are going to do is gain weight, which means you will never get a flat stomach,” qualifies.

For those who hope for a miracle with the practice of a certain exercise, the trainer assures that “there is no localized exercise, far from it, that makes the abdomen stay flat. The closest thing may be the hypopressive, because they help reduce the abdominal perimeter if you are very used to handling them and above all, in cases where there may be diastasis of the rectus abdominis due to pregnancy or abdominal dilation. But if what you want is a flat stomach, you need Eat well and work on strength and cardio.”confirms.

How much exercise a week?

Experts assure that consistency is the most important thing to achieve optimal results. “The ideal is to carry out three strength sessions and two cardio sessionsabout 40 or 45 minutes each because doing longer workouts can be heavy and it would be more difficult to achieve the adherence we are looking for because the most important thing is to be consistent over time,” says the David Lloyd trainer.

Jorge Herranz advises carrying out an exercise routine that includes squats, push-ups, burpeesclimbers and planks with 4 or 5 series depending on the physical condition of each one, and 10 to 15 repetitions of each exercise, with one-minute breaks between them. On the iron you should spend 30 seconds to a minute.


With your legs shoulder-width apart, put your hands together and place your arms bent at the elbow at a 90-degree angle. When descending, as if you were going to sit in a chair, keep your buttocks back, with your back straight, avoiding leaning forward.


Place your hands aligned at shoulder height, just below, and separate your fingers to better support your own body weight. The body straight on the mat. Activate the abdominal area and glutes to maintain stability and not strain the lower back. Lower your body slowly and bend your elbow back and out. Then go up with your whole body, pushing against the ground.


From the vertical position, lower yourself down and bring your palms to the ground, jumping your feet backwards. He touches his chest to the floor doing a push-up and picks up his feet again. Finally, he jumps up to get vertical again while you clap your hands above your head.


With our hands resting on the floor, with our arms and body stretched and keeping our back straight, we bend our right leg and try to make it reach the chest and take it back again. Alternatively, we bend the left leg and bring it to the chest, and back again, and so on. It is important to maintain a constant pace and not raise your butt.


Face down on the mat and with your body fully stretched, rest your weight on your forearms and toes. The arms should remain flexed, straight and below the shoulders. Activate the glutes and abdomen, and stretch the heels. After 20 or 30 seconds, rest your entire body on the floor to rest.

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