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How to identify and manage Precocious Puberty

Preadolescence begins in girls from the age of 11 when hormonal changes begin to be seen that define the beginning of the development of secondary sexual characteristics.

Among the first signs that make one suspect that hormonal changes are beginning are:

  • Bad armpit odorwhich is when the requirement to use deodorant begins
  • Armpit hair begins to become a little more noticeablethe same as pubic hair, which is still thin and not thick
  • The breast button starts to get up

These are the signs that we will be watching for to detect possible alterations in development. Menstruation usually appears one or two years after these changes have started.

Growth in height after menstruation is minimal and usually stops


Precocious Puberty

We talk about Early puberty when Sexual and hormonal maturation begins before the age of 11.

If these types of alterations are detected, ideally a doctor should be consulted. Pediatric Endocrinologist.

Knowledge of the body

It is important to emphasize health promotion and prevention since you are aware of your own body. Promote self-care and self-knowledge.

Communication and trust with the patient

It is recommended that the first consultation with the Gynecologist there is an approach rather than a review.

This consultation, more than to do a physical examination, so as not to create any type of anxiety regarding Gynecology, is so that the girl can be talked to without any fear about Menstruation. How and when they arrive, What is normal and abnormal. What to expect when Menstruation arrives.

This way We manage to reduce anxiety about menstruation by assuming it as a normal process. and Physiological.