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How to prepare a special baby shower to welcome your baby

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A baby shower It is a very special party for future mothers, who in this way can have a good time with their friends and family to welcome the baby that is about to be born.

For years more and more mothers have decided to celebrate this event, and to do so they have to know how to prepare a baby shower. For this reason we give you some tips to make the celebration a success.

Which is a baby shower?

A baby shower It is a holiday that celebrates the arrival of a new baby. It is usually done when there is little time for the pregnant woman to give birth, from seven months of pregnancy, although any time is good to hold this party. In fact, in some cases it even takes place once the baby has been born.

In general, it is usually organized by the friends or family of the pregnant woman, although it is increasingly the case that it is the mothers themselves who, on their own initiative, decide to hold this celebration. In Spain, this very American tradition is increasingly rooted..

Keys to prepare a baby shower

If you want to know how to prepare a baby showerwe must keep in mind that it is necessary to evaluate different aspects. The keys to take into account to achieve the best result are the following:


Although in its origins a baby shower It was a party that was so It was only intended for the friends of the future mother, in which everything related to the care of the baby was talked about, the party has evolved to a current point in which both friends and family of the mother attend, and the father himself is also part of it.

Now it is a trend for parents to also participate in this party that celebrates the upcoming arrival of a new member of the family; and in which all its members can become participants.

Therefore, one of the keys to preparing it is to invite all those close people who may be interested in celebrating this birth.


One should not confuse baby shower with a very large party, but the usual thing is invite about 20-25 people who are very close to the family. When making invitations, we tend to design an invitation that includes both the place, the day, the time and the theme of the party. It is recommended to send it at least three weeks in advance.

Place of celebration

The venue will depend on the budget available. In this way, you can opt for a celebration in a luxury hotel, opt for a restaurant or even prepare it in your own home with few guests. Everything will depend on the budget, but also on each person’s preferences.
In the case of the United States, it is very common for each of the guests to bring a dish that they prepare themselves, what can be used as an alternative.

Food, key in a baby shower

Anyone interested in knowing how to prepare a baby shower You should keep in mind that the most common thing is to choose to set up a buffet table, where each of the guests can serve themselves whatever they want.

When thinking about food, it is very important to create a sweet table where there is room for cupcakes, jelly beans… and of course, a special cake with the baby’s name in those cases where it is already known. You can prepare this cake yourself or order it from a specialized place.. You also can’t forget the drinks that allow you to toast the arrival of the new member of the house.

games for the party

The party of baby shower It can be a great time to have fun, usually betting on games that are related to motherhood and the baby, they are the most anticipated at this type of party; and future parents can take part in these games.

The ideas for games for the party can be numerous and can be given by the organizers or suggestions made by the guests. Among the most common games are those that consist of imitating a baby, simulating a pregnancy or playing riddles in the form of questions about the future mother, among others.


As happens in any self-respecting celebration party, gifts take on a great role. Although not required, there is a tradition of giving gifts to help parents with the baby. In fact, it’s possible that whoever throws the party can promote what It is known as a “birth list”, with gifts already selected as happens in wedding lists.

However, the usual thing is that this does not happen and that the guests themselves are the ones who give a detail for the future baby. In addition, the hostess usually gives a souvenir detail of the party to all her guests, so that everyone remembers the event. baby shower.


At any party, photographs cannot be missing, so you have to decide who will be in charge of immortalizing the best moments of the party. Although you can hire a professional photographer, there can always be an assistant to take care of it.

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