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How to prevent the ends of your hair from splitting? Top expert advice

Dryness, lack of shine, frizz… There are many hair problems that we can face on a daily basis. Among the most common are split ends.

What they owe? The damaged ends of our locks are the reflection of exhausted hair. When the hair suffers attacks, the scales of the cuticle (an integral part of the hair, made up of keratin microplates) end up detaching from the cortex. It loses its protective layer. This is when the hair begins to separate and have this brittle appearance.

How to avoid it? Michel Pineda, stylist at Isamar Studio, gives us some tips to prevent the phenomenon.

Do not tie our hair when it is wet

“Do not make very tight ponytails, especially with wet hair. When we have wet hair and we put it up, the hair folds in the area of ​​​​the elastic and maintains a pressure that splits the hair, since when it is wet it is much more weak. When it splits and breaks, it causes split ends in the ponytail area. In fact, it is very common for people who use tight updos a lot to have a mark on their hair in the nape area (in the middle of the head). with more split ends.

Control the use of heat tools

“Another very important tip is to use heat tools as little as possible. We can dry our hair with a hairdryer but we have to know how to keep the distance between the hot air and the hair so as not to burn it. On the other hand, with straighteners or curling irons, it is It is essential to be able to control the temperature and not raise it too much, the appropriate thing is between 180 and 190 degrees, and only one or two passes, since even if the temperature is low, if we pass it repeatedly over the same area, the hair will burn and the ends of the hair will burn. open”.

Treatment: keep hair hydrated

“To prevent the ends from splitting we recommend using serums and oils, it is important to keep the hair hydrated, and the oils should be applied at night since during the day with sunlight it can burn. We must also use conditioner or mask and not only shampoo. The mask as daily use is too much but the conditioner is not, it makes the tip close after washing.”

Use the right brush and take care of the friction

“It is also essential to take care of the friction in the hair, using cotton sheets or soft materials is very important. Rough fabrics make the hair suffer. We have to use appropriate brushes, with bristles that are flexible that adapt to the hair to prevent the ends suffer, if the bristles are hard they break the hair, especially when the hair is wet.

Trim ends regularly

“The most important thing that we should not forget is to cut the hair regularly, with tools that cut the ends completely, it must be done with scissors or clippers. The razor, for example, skews the hair and opens the ends. Every two or three months we should cut the ends with our stylist to keep your hair healthy.

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