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How to start losing weight: the first step to achieve it

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Want lose extra kilos to reach a healthy weight, but don’t know where to start? The truth is that when we talk about a fast metabolism, a young and athletic body or a balanced diet and an active lifestyle, losing weight can seem like the simplest of tasks.

But it is from 50 years old and, above all, in the case of women, when losing weight can become more complicated. And what once seemed like a simple process to us becomes difficult with hormonal changes, with loss of muscle masswith the sharp drop in metabolic rate and especially with the arrival of menopause.

So in addition to being clear about the best vitamins for mature women, we recommend that you take note of this first decisive step to achieve it.

Where to start to lose weight?

As we have already told you, in many cases having a balanced diet or an active lifestyle is not enough to lose weight and reach a healthy weight. And sometimes, mistakes as simple as eating an excessively caloric dinner can ruin days and weeks of effort.

Choose a diet that contains quality proteins, vegetables, oily fish, fruits, water or superfoods and that it is away from soft drinks, alcohol, sugars, processed foods or bad fats.

Use nuts or fruit to avoid the temptation to snack on unhealthy foods between meals and, finally, opt for dine early and for a light dinner to avoid sleeping poorly or having heavier nocturnal digestion.

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