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How to stop your hair from frizzing on a horrible rainy day

Ni the straightest hair or the curly hair get along well with rainy days and neither of them is free from the hateful frizz if there is humidity involved. In fact, keeping our hair in check and perfect on rainy days can be said to be a real challenge, but not impossible.

Therefore, this time we have decided to propose a series of tips with which you can overcome humidity and frizz and go from that untamable hair to truly perfect hair and strong, healthy hair. To do this you will only need to dedicate a few minutes of your daily hair routine to follow these simple tips which we detail below. Anti-frizz sprays, hair tonics, moisturizing products… They will also be some of your allies to keep your hair hydrated and frizz-free. Take note.

Why does hair frizz?

The lack of nutrients and hydration in the hair are two of the main culprits of frizz. The reason? Both factors cause the cuticle of our hair to dry out and open, making it even more sensitive to frizz. Another of the main indicators that our hair needs a good dose of hydration is a lack of shine and a silky appearance.

On the other hand, aggressive chemicals, dyes, or subjecting our hair to the high temperatures of straighteners or dryers without adequately protecting it, can also damage our hair and end up opening the cuticle. This is something that will also make our hair even more prone to frizz with rain or humidity involved.

Whatever the cause of that frizz, One of the most important aspects to avoid it is to make sure you keep it well hydrated.either through a weekly mask or using specific products anti-frizzserums, softening creams or specific shampoos… Here we give you some useful tips to prevent your hair from frizzing on those rainy days.

Tips to prevent hair from frizzing on rainy days

Make sure you dry your hair completely: Before leaving home, make sure your hair is completely dry and free of wet hair. This way, you will prevent it from frizzing from the inside. The second rule is that once you have dried it with the dryer (at medium temperature), you let it rest for at least five minutes before leaving the house to let it take its natural shape.

Moisturizes: Without good hydration, your hair will not be safe from frizz in humid environments, since being dry it will tend to absorb the humidity or water in the environment that your hair needs, resulting in frizzy and frizzy hair. frizz. The excessive use of straighteners, dryers or chemicals that are not suitable for hair are also the big enemies when it comes to keeping hair hydrated.

Anti-frizz shampoo: Choose hair hygiene products that help you fight against frizz and that, in addition to combating humidity, allow you to have soft and hydrated hair, since they have a special formulation that helps hydrate, seal and give weight to the hair. hair.

Combs and brushes with natural bristles: An essential tip to avoid frizz and control static electricity is to opt for a brush or comb with natural bristles or an electric brush with ions. These types of brushes are great allies for restoring the balance between positive and negative ions, achieving shinier and softer hair, while also sealing broken cuticles.

Use serums anti-frizzoils and a weekly mask: All of these products are also key to helping seal the fiber and providing more density to the hair, keeping it hydrated and protected from humidity. Opt for anti-serumsfrizz and oils that you can apply dry and without rinsing. These products combined with the application of a moisturizing mask a week and the anti-frizz shampoo will give you perfect, soft, shiny and well-tamed hair on rainy days.

Bet on updos or braids: Putting your hair up in a bun or braid will always be the best option to protect it from frizz on those rainy days. These types of hairstyles are not only perfect for any occasion or look, but they will also ensure that your hair stays perfect and safe.

Dare with the wet look: Another great ally is the wet effect or wet look, both with hair up and with long hair or short hair. You’ll just have to make sure you achieve this using styling products that do not contain alcohol to avoid drying out or damaging your hair.

Strategic haircut: Both long hair and short pixie or garçon haircuts are the best bets when it comes to fighting frizz. On the other hand, midi haircuts, bob haircuts or hair with short layers tend to favor more frizz caused by humidity.

Avoid synthetic fabrics: Did you know that synthetic fabrics in the clothes we wear or even bedding can also be promoting frizz? It is best to avoid using this type of fabric, especially on rainy days, since in addition to promoting frizzthey will also increase static electricity in your hair.

Don’t touch your hair on rainy days: Although it may seem difficult to avoid, especially when that first drop falls, it is best to avoid putting your hands in your hair. If you don’t avoid it, you will only cause the natural oils found on your hands to end up dirtying your hair.

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