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How We Find Love: The Romantic Japanese Legend of the Red Thread of Fate

“A invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances. The thread can stretch or contract, but never break.”

There are those who believe that love has to do with destiny. That we are all destined to meet a person who will make us experience this feeling in a way that no one else is capable of. This is what the romantic legend of the red thread.

The myth of the red thread of destiny It is said that the grandfather of the moon ties a cord of this color around the little finger of two people who are destined to meet. None of them will be able to love and love another person the same way he loves the one he is tied to. Furthermore, history says that we are all linked to someone.

In this way, the two people connected by the red thread are destined to meet and love each other, regardless of place or circumstance. The magic cord can be stretched or tangled, but It can never be broken.

Legend upon legend

About this myth have arisen new and romantic legends. One of the most famous tells the story of how an emperor met his wife.

He turned to a sorceress who was able to see the red thread. She asked him to follow hers to meet the woman he was linked to and they did.

He took him to a market where a peasant woman was offering her products while holding a baby in her arms. He stopped in front of her and told her that That’s where your thread ended.

He was furious that his destiny was linked to a poor woman and he preferred to think that it was a mockery of the sorceress. In response, he pushed the peasant woman, who was still carrying his baby in her arms, and he fell to the ground. The girl got a big wound on her forehead that left her a particular scar. Furthermore, he ordered that the sorceress’s head be cut off.

Twenty years later, he knew that his obligation was to get married and start a family, since he needed an heir. But he hadn’t found the right woman. His advisors told him about a beautiful and cultured young woman who had all the qualities of an empress. Tired of looking for a wife, he accepted.

The wedding arrived. He didn’t know the young woman he was going to marry and he was very nervous. Continuing with tradition, he waited for the bride inside the temple where the ceremony was going to take place.

She entered slowly, her face covered by a veil. When she arrived next to the emperor, he lifted the cloth and was surprised to see her face. She got excited. On the day of the wedding she was surprised to see his face. The woman had a very particular scar on the forehead, the result of a fall as a baby. He touched the wound and kissed it. The couple got married and were very happy. The thread of destiny was never broken.

Why the little finger?

Do you wonder why the thread of destiny is knotted in the little finger? This is connected through the ulnar artery with the heart.

According to legend, that artery (red thread) extends throughout the world until it reaches the heart of the other person.

Similar to this myth is the idea of ​​soulmates in the West. Now, Japanese culture applies the legend of the red thread to all types of relationships, only romantic ones.

In any case, this myth is represented on screen. Kim no Na wa (Your name, Your name) It is the animated film that is considered the main audiovisual representation of the legend. It has been successfully awarded and has received very positive reviews from critics and audiences.

And you, do you believe that love is a matter of destiny or chance?

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