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Ideas for easy and quick updos that will save your guest hairstyle

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The wedding and communion season in Spain is just around the corner and with it is also the time to start thinking about that look or guest dress with which to get it right for the occasion, but also in that makeup and hairstyle with which to elevate that guest styling.

Precisely if what you are looking for is to wear your hair up and achieve a hairstyle worthy of a hair salon but without leaving home, this time we propose several easy up-dos options that you can do yourself and with which you will achieve a look as an outstanding guest.

Easy and quick updos perfect to shine on any special occasion and for which you will only need to take a look at the ideas and videos that we propose below. Which one do you prefer?

Easy updos

Three ideas of simple hairstyles for events with Mery Turiel.

Mery Turiel proposes these three hairstyle options to face the event season. All of them are very simple to do and for which you will only need some elastic bands of the same color as your hair. Three options that you can start with a low ponytail and finish with some side braids woven or even with three low pigtails woven together, to create a semi-updo as elegant as the one proposed at the end of the video.

Low updo with double braid to be the perfect guest.

The influencer Sandra Majada proposes this low updo option by Mgbeauty, for which you will only need to start from a low ponytail with which to create this twisted low bun. Leave two long strands on each side to weave two braids into them and finish the updo with them using some hairpins as shown in the image. She finishes the hairstyle by leaving two thin, loose strands in the front area and that’s it.

10 quick and easy hairstyles and updos with Patry Jordán.

In this video, Patry Jordán brings us ten easy, quick, classic and elegant hairstyles with which you can succeed at any event and with which you will be able to give a romantic touch to your look as a guest To copy them you will only need rubber bands and hairpins.

The hairstyle that never fails and with which Rocío Osorno always gets it right at events.

Easy to wear, comfortable, elegant… The high ponytail is always one of the most elegant and versatile hairstyle options with up-do hair to wear at any event and the influencer Rocío Osorno knows it. Our advice is that you finish it by slightly marking the ends with open waves like the influencerIn this way, you will add movement and volume to the final result.

Collected with herringbone braid.

Another super simple and elegant option is what Anca Bodea proposes on Instagram with this updo made with herringbone braid. To do it you will simply have to weave a herringbone braid and finish it with a simple low bun like the one seen in the video.

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