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If you love French manicure, this trend will be your new beauty obsession

The french nails They are a classic in terms of manicure. For an elegant event or for everyday use, they are one of the best options to have beautiful nails with a design that avoids the eccentric.

However, it is a type of manicure that often does not give rise to the imagination and can be repetitive if we abuse it. However, the networks have already taken care of solving the problem, setting a new trend, which incorporates color vanilla.

These nails have been expected for a long time, especially since the style emerged vanilla girl on Tik Tok, which included an aesthetic determined by order, skincare and focused on personal welfare. Matilda Djerf and Jess Hunt are some of his biggest champions.

The French manicure became fashionable again when other aesthetics emerged on social media, especially on Tik Tok, that advocated cleanliness and self-care. Associated with journalingcareful nutrition and increasingly natural beauty, are precursors of this movement the Clean Girl wave That Girl aesthetic.

Undoubtedly, there are no nails that fit the vanilla aesthetic better than French ones that deviate from the original colors, but without breaking with the style. traditional that is so typical to them.

The vanilla French manicure is characterized because the tip of the nail, instead of white, is a vanilla color or one that moves in the range of nude. Beigewood, chocolate or latte They are totally recommended tones to wear this well. lookjust like the cream.

Apart from the tip of the nail, which you can style in different ways, the base remains completely the same as the original French manicure. It must be from a pink milky transparent, that matches the tip of the nail, without exaggerated contrast.

The best tips to get “Vanilla French” nails

Following this trend doesn’t have to be an odyssey. We explain the Step by Step so that you get the best result, and from home!

You must file nails in a rounded shape, always removing the cuticles for a better result. If you want to ensure they last as long as possible, use a base coat before starting to paint your nails, although it is not mandatory.

Then, start painting the nail layer by layer with a soft pink polish or milky. After making sure the paint is dry, finish with the french tip in the creamy tone that you like the most. For an unparalleled finish, apply a final layer of top coat and cuticle oil.

Also, remember that, if you want your manicure to last as long as possible, it is best to use a semi-permanent nail polishwhich will ensure that they remain intact for up to two weeks after being painted.

Also, we give you some ideas in case you want to be more daring with this manicure, changing the tip design in the way that best suits your style.

Since the tip is what makes a French manicure, that is what we are going to focus on to achieve the style you want the most.

You can get some more nails elegant, ideal for an event, outlining the vanilla tip with a black polish. This will make the nail look more original without losing the distinction of these nails.

If you want to add glow to your vanilla nails, we also bring you the solution. You can combine the normal polish with a glitter one on the tip and play with the colors nude to achieve a result tailored to you.

You can even try the brown tones and give the tip the shape you want: starting from the bottom, in diagonaleach nail with a different color… You choose!

Essential products for a good French manicure

When trying the vanilla French manicure, you may be put off by the difficulty involved in creating the tip or finding the right shades. Therefore, we recommend some products that may be perfect for trying this type of manicure.

The French Manicure Stencils of Essencewith a price of 1.54 euros, are ideal stencils for painting the tip of your nail without making mistakes and in the easiest way. You place the template, paint your tip and when you remove it, voilanails with the tip you wanted and without errors.

French manicure Stencils by Essence


Another very good option if you don’t know if this trend is for you is the set My French Manicure of Betherwhich contains three nail polishes nudeperfect for performing the classic manicure or trying vanilla.

My French manicure from Beter


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