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In search of lost time: The message from Marie-Chantal Miller’s purse to King Charles III

The coronation of Charles III It has been the quintessential event of the weekend. The ceremony, which took place this Saturday at Westminster Abbey, brought together more than 2,000 guests, among whom were members of the main royal houses of Europe.

The focus was not only on the looks that the queen consort, Camilla, or the princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, would wear, but there was also a lot of expectation for the others. royals who would attend the event. Names like our queen Letizia or that of Máxima of Holland aroused great interest and there were even bets on what they would wear for such a special occasion.

All of them have followed the protocol and have been faithful to their style, with the most beautiful and elegant looks. But if there is one that has drawn special attention, it has been that of Marie-Chantal from Greecethe wife of Paul of Greece, head of the royal house in exile since the death of his father, Constantine II, in January of this year.

A very literary bag

Marie-Chantal is one of the most valued members of European royalty in the world of fashion due to her marked aristocratic style and her success on most occasions, and on this occasion she has not disappointed again.

The reason? The bag you have chosen, in book form and with, perhaps, a hidden message to the new king of England Charles III. Miller has worn a clutch-style bag imitating the shape of a book, especially imitating the cover of the novel ‘In Search of Lost Time’. The design is signed by Olympya Le-Tan, a company with which her daughter, Olympia from Greece, has launched a capsule collection this season.

Marie-Chantal Miller at the coronation of Charles III (Gtres)

It seems that Marie Chantal is a follower of the book’s author, the Frenchman Marcel Proust, and that is why he wanted to choose this accessory for the most important royal event of the year. The book tells how each person experiences life from their unique body and spirituality, developing in the realm of emotions, the subjective and the irrational.

It is not a novel published in a single volume, but is divided into seven parts, published successively over 14 years, three of them posthumously. ‘In Search of Lost Time’ aims to reproduce the memories of a young French writer at the beginning of the 20th century, and portrays the life of the Parisian upper class, its experiences and inconsistencies.

Marie-Chantal Miller at the coronation of Charles III (Gtres)

It has a clear autobiographical content, since the vast majority of its characters are inspired by Proust’s own family, friends and acquaintances. The author confined himself to his home for 14 years (from 1908 to 1922), to write the book.

The first part, called ‘On Swann’s Way’, had to be paid for by Proust himself, due to the lack of interest from publishers. However, its success was immediate, and the second part, ‘In the shadow of girls in flower’ was published by Galimard and won the prestigious Goncourt Prize in 1919.

A most original detail that has not gone unnoticed by the public and that has been widely commented on, speculating about If the title is a message to the British monarch He has been waiting for the throne all the time ago.

The complete look

Marie-Chantal from Greece has worn a pastel blue dress by the designer Mary Katrantzou. With a midi cut and long sleeves, it was adjusted at the waist with a discreet belt. The best thing about the dress, without a doubt, was the bow that she wore on her left shoulder, providing a very sophisticated touch to the design.

Marie-Chantal Miller at the coronation of Charles III (Gtres)

As accessories, Miller has opted for a kidney-shaped headdress with a ribbon drawing a floral detail, the work of Philip Treacy, and thin-heeled pointed-toe shoes in the same color as the dress.

For jewelry, you have chosen a pair of diamond earrings and a brooch made with the same gems. She also wore a matching ring on her left hand, the same one with which he held the book bag.

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