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Infanta Sofía heads to Wales: a farewell look that is a declaration of intentions

Two years have passed since those images in which Princess Leonor began her adventure away from Zarzuela, this August 29th is Infanta Sofía who heads to Wales to begin his first baccalaureate course at UWC Atlantic College. The Infanta thus begins a new cycle abroad, following in the footsteps of her sister, which will turn her into a very prepared young woman with important experiences beyond the palace walls.

The photos offered by the Royal House are totally different from those of the Princess of Asturias, much more natural and relaxed; a true declaration of intentions of what will be the new stage that the young woman begins, away from home for the first time and with the freedom of not being exposed to the public eye.

Sofía, accompanied by Felipe VI and Letizia, poses at the doors of the King’s Pavilion, the residence of the monarch in Zarzuela, with his parents and his dog Jan, a beautiful black labrador. He look chosen for the occasion also speaks for itself and shows that Leonor’s sister definitely has her own personality.

The Infanta says goodbye to her Labrador dog.


Very smiling and with her hair down, the new student at UWC Atlantic College has chosen a pair of brown cargo pants, crop top, slightly showing the belly (something unpublished until now), and a lumberjack-type plaid shirt. As footwear, white sneakers Reebook and some fun printed socks.

It is a current style, that connects her directly with teenagers her age and that marks the normality with which it will be treated at the school from now on. At the Welsh boarding school she is one more and means leaving the bubble in which she has been since she was born to move in an environment where luxury and royal pageantry are non-existent. Sofia leaves her residence in the Pabellón del Príncipe de la Zarzuela to settle in a medieval castle, like those in princess stories, but there she will simply be Sofia.

The Infanta thus follows in the footsteps of her sister, the Princess of Asturias. Although she occupies the second in line to the throne and, in principle, he has no signs of ever wearing the crown, Philip VI and Letizia have made no distinctions between their two daughters and consider the formation of the Infanta as a key to the inevitable institutional role that he will play in the future, although this will always be secondary.

The fact that they have chosen a prestigious center outside of Spain It is not a rarity within the European monarchy and neither of the royals of her position: Princess Alexia of the Netherlands, middle daughter of King William and King Maxima, has also studied at the UWC Atlantic College with Eleanor. Furthermore, her little sister, Arienne, has just started her classes at the same school in Italy.

Felipe VI and his wife they assume the cost out of their own pocket of his youngest daughter’s stay at the boarding school in Wales, which amounts to 74,000 pounds (about 82,000 euros) for the two courses. UWC Atlantic College is known as Hippy Howards first for its revolutionary study method that seeks to promote cultural exchange and the coexistence of people from different countries, races and beliefs; and second because the building is reminiscent of the magic school of Harry Potter.

Just as happened with Leonor, the Infanta will have the relevant security and, above all, privacy measures during these two years. If the stay of the heir to the throne At the boarding school she was shielded at the information level, her sister’s is expected to be the same. No photos, except the official ones upon arrival. Although the center has social networks that promptly report on its activities and the curricular life of the students, Sofía will not appear on them.

Felipe VI and Letizia accompany their daughter to the airport.


Regarding the calendar that must be met during this first international baccalaureate course, it should be noted that the first days will be adaptation. The classes themselves begin on September 5 and They don’t have holidays until October 27, which means that her presence at the Princess of Asturias Awards, scheduled for the 20th, remains up in the air. It must be taken into account that the Infanta does not have an institutional agenda per se, nor has she participated in solo acts, which will allow her to focus on her studies. It will be during her vacation periods when she can reappear publicly.

These two international baccalaureate courses are key to her future training, with elite preparation at the level of an heir to the throne, although without the military training that Leonor already follows.

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