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Is luxury sustainable? Club Med lands in Marbella to show us that it is

Nestled in an oasis of vegetation, with views of the sea and the mountains, is the Club Med Resort Magna Marbella. An authentic sustainable luxury hotel where you can be seduced by the views, savor Mediterranean cuisine and have fun playing paddle tennis or golf.

On September 8, more than 300 guests from different countries attended the official opening of the resort in Marbella, which has successfully reached the Spanish market, since it has had an average occupancy of 90% during the summer and similar figures are expected for the autumn.

The company returns to Spain under special circumstances. On the one hand, the Club Med concept emerged in Alcudia, Balearic Islands, so the return of the luxury tourism company has strong emotional weight.

On the other hand, Rabeea Ansari, general director for Southern Europe and Emerging Markets, explains to MagasIN that, after these two years of pandemic, people want to travel, have fun and free their minds.

Inauguration of Club Med Magna Marbella.

But why Marbella? Ansari says that The city of Malaga meets all the criteria that the company is looking for when settling in a location. The good climate allows them to stay open all year round and the city is very well connected and can be reached easily. Furthermore, “I would say that it has a charm, a history, a culture that is extremely interesting and has a good hallmark.”

All included

Combining tradition and modernity They can be seen throughout the architecture and design of the four trident (four star) complex. In addition, the variety in the 485 rooms of the resort makes it ideal for every type of traveler. The hotel’s two restaurants and three bars offer unlimited culinary experiences, curated to showcase local cuisine.

With the aim of ensuring that guests do not have to worry about anything and can relax and enjoy, The hotel includes all kinds of services: food, alcoholic beverages, swimming pools, spa, sports activities…

A resort room.

“It’s about a resort all-inclusive luxury for the whole family,” says Ansari. They offer activities and clubs for children and teenagers by age groups, so that they can be having fun and making friends while parents relax in one of the pools, in the spa or playing a game of paddle tennis, tennis or golf.

In fact, the resort It offers about 25 sports activities for all levels and ages, including circus! Can you imagine going on vacation and being able to play jumping on a trapeze? Plus, the music barely stops playing and the entertainers won’t let you get bored for a moment.

Resort zen pool.


And, if what you are looking for is silence and relaxation, you can take a walk to the zen pool. An infinity pool nestled in the mountains with sea views.

72 ‘resorts’ around the world

Magna Marbella is one of the 72 resorts that the company, whose origin dates back to 1950, has openings all over the world. “Now we are preparing the opening of three more,” says Ansari. Club Med has complexes on five continents.

A luxury company that the director defines as “conviviality” (coexistence, cordiality), also with the environment and the locality in which they are installed. “We offer places where guests can free their minds without having to worry about anything from the moment they get up to the moment they go to bed.”

It is specially designed for familieswho occupy their main client portfolio thanks to the clubs for children and adolescents of all ages. “In addition, we have many activities for all types of families.”

But not only that, the Club Med offer in the Alps is ideal for groups of friends who especially like skiing. “Imagine going with your friends or family to a place in the mountains where ski lessons, equipment, and transfers are included.”

Furthermore, its objective is generate happiness. “Overall, our mission is to make people happy. Our mission is to make sure that wherever our guests go, they are happy. “We are committed to the idea of ​​offering happy holidays,” says the director.

Looking ahead to next year, the company has many ambitions. “In particular, for the Spanish market, as we are returning, I think that creating awareness and making the brand known, that we are a responsible luxury company”says Ansari.

Committed to sustainability

At Club Med they are aware that the planet’s resources are limited and that tourism has a strong impact on the environment. Therefore, they have launched the program Happy to care (happy to care for) and their rooms have sustainability certificationsspecifically: BREEAM, Green Globe, Greenleaders by Tripadvisor and Labellisation ATR.

The terrace of one of the resort’s rooms.


And how do they do it? The company explains some of its initiatives to us. For example, they have eliminated single-use plastics.

“Specifically in this town 75% of the food is produced with local foods”, Ansari points out and continues: “We have installed solar panels on the roof to have its own energy and ensure that we are socially responsible. If you take a shower in the room, water is reused to water the gardens

In addition, there are other initiatives that have already been launched, such as reducing food waste (valuing what has not been consumed) and promoting animal welfare (fighting against animal exploitation).

“Club Med resorts are truly committed to the environment wherever they are,” he concludes.

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