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January 6 in Ireland: A Christmas made by and for women

If you thought that the Christmas holidays ended in December, we are sorry to tell you that you are wrong, unless you are a man, and you cannot enjoy the women’s Christmas in Ireland.

Yes, you read it right, We are talking about women’s Christmas in the country also known as ‘Emerald Isle’. And in it, Christmas doesn’t end so quickly, especially for women who Every January 6th they go out to have fun in style.

A festival made by and for women, also known as Little Christmas (in Gaelic Nollaig Bheag), that has spread to other countries such as Canada, and that each year is gaining more weight and recognition throughout the world. And I’m sure, this January 6th, you’ll also want to join.

Women enjoying January 6 in Ireland.


How do Irish women celebrate January 6?

The one known as Little Christmas In Ireland it is a tradition that every January 6th, Irish women should go out and have fun in pubs and streets alone or with her friends, while the men stay at home doing household chores.

A night by and for women in which they take the opportunity to enjoy a good pint of Guinness with their friends, and without men around them.

A tradition, with which the Irish honor and recognize the importance and value of women and particularly mothers, who above all, during these Christmas dates, give themselves body and soul to family unity.

What is the origin of this Irish holiday?

It should be noted that when this Christmas holiday of Christian origin was created, Housework was only done by women.something that fortunately, today, has changed in many homes in which these tasks are distributed between men and women.

At that time, women were subjected to household chores on a daily basis and were not allowed to enjoy, even in the slightest, the Irish atmosphere and air, even less so if the domestic tasks were not completed.

A terrible situation for any woman, in response to which this claim arose that Women also had the right to have fun, rest, go out, celebrate and at the end of the day, to be happy. Something that ended up becoming this particular festival that gains more weight every year, not only in Ireland, but also in other countries.

A curious way to honor and value the great work of mothers, grandmothers and all women, whose tradition has continued to this day.

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