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Jazz singer and songwriter Alana Sinkëy: ”The great force that moves art is love”

The life of Alana Sinkëy (Guinea Bissau, 1990)singer and songwriter jazz, was always surrounded by art. Her father, a renowned musician from the African country, served as inspiration to build her musical career. Thanks to him, Sinkëy was able to see materialized what the life of an artist was like, the one she had dreamed of so much since she was just a child.

Raised in Lisbon, she moved to Madrid at the age of 17, the city where she has lived since then. She always knew that she wanted to dedicate herself to music. And, in addition to her father, there were many people who motivated her to pursue that dream of hers. ”Among my favorite artists, all of them very different and with diverse styles, are Bob Marley, Luis Alberto Espineta and Björk,” she tells magasIN.

The beginnings

Sinkëy is a self-made artist. And not only because of her indisputable style, but also because of how she took the first steps in her musical career. ”She would lock me in my room alone and listen to music at all hours. She also tried to play the guitar and compose in a self-taught way,’ she recalls.

Despite the few resources I had, I was in a very creative moment”, Add. Sometimes, he says with a laugh, he composed several songs with the same two chords. It was there, between the four walls of her most personal space, where the Bisauguinean artist began to enhance her natural talent far from renowned academies or schools.

With his move to Spain, and thanks to the world he had discovered with his father during his childhood, He entered the capital’s musical circuit. ”Above all they were spaces for singer-songwriters. With this I learned from experience, I never had professional training,’ he says.

During that first stage Alana looked for inspiration in everything around her to compose. ”The great force that moves art is love, that’s the first thing that inspires me to write.” And those first songs talked about family love, love for her mother and sisters. It is love, she confesses, what he needed most in her life at that moment.

Alana Sinkëy, jazz singer and songwriter, during a concert.

‘Keep Walking’: The Way

This circuit of independent musicians from the capital led her to build common projects with other artists under the names of Cosmosoul and Pataxwhere they merged the rhythm of jazz with flamenco, funk and the Afro-Cuban. ”Although we all came from very different backgrounds, we connected and started composing right away. We received a great welcome,’ he recalls.

Solo walk

After 13 years of group career, The singer and songwriter has just begun an exciting and challenging solo stage. ”I am living it with great enthusiasm, but also with respect. It’s quite imposing,” says the all-terrain artist, who has always moved with the certainty that each cycle involves constant learning.

”I have reached a point where I felt that I had already gathered enough information to be able to take this step. Although there is a lot of pressure and a lot of nerves, I make the effort to relax to be more honest with what I have to say, this helps me flow better,’ she explains.

No one who has seen her on stage before would say that this new stage is being so challenging. ”The live show has been my great school, it’s what I’m most used to, so I feel calmer. What makes me nervous is locking myself in a studio and starting that creative process,’ she details.

And, she confesses, facing this project alone has involved active work of ”empowering herself”, to understand how to manage this transition in her musical career. ”I’ve been able to see how people react to my songs, and I feel like I was also expected to take my path. I’m receiving all that love,’ she says.

Alana Sinkëy moves like a fish in water on the circuit of jazz, without many pretensions of changing its style to become something more conventional for the masses. ”If the music I make somehow became commercial, for me it would be incredible,” he explains.

The artist not only has a personal style in terms of her music, but it is also something that is reflected in her styling. It is common to see the artist dressed in clothing and accessories that speak, indisputably, of her roots. ”About eight years ago, with the loss of my father, I began to search for that part of me that corresponded to my origins”, Explain.

”As I was distracted with other searches, I didn’t feel the need to delve so deeply into my roots. So I’ve started to incorporate it into myself and my music,’ she continues. Therefore, in addition to her styling, she has also begun to compose and sing in Creole, her mother tongue. ”My father always said that a people that preserves its language has the key to its own history,” she says.

Keep Walking: The way

With this musical career full of effort and dedication, it is not surprising that Alana Sinkëy has been one of the artists selected to be part of the project of Spanish singer Dani Martín and Scotch whiskey brand Johnnie Walker Keep Walking: The path.

Alana Sinkëy with the singer and composer Dani Martín.

‘Keep Walking’: The Way

This is a documentary series created with the aim of giving greater visibility to artists who have followed diverse paths in the world of music. Sara Socas, Child of Elche, nachRaúl Gutiérrez RollerAlbany, Christina Rosenvinge and Pepe Motos are other artists who share their professional career, the challenges they have had to face and the satisfaction they have received from their work.

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