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Jesica Capdevila, on her beginnings as a TikTok star: “People made fun of me”

Jessica Capdevila, at just turned 18, has been able to merge passion with profession. Dancing is his great hobby and creating content on social networks is the tool that has given him great recognition among his generation.

Originally from Albacete, her social media profile now reaches the entire world through the almost 7 million followers she has on TikTok.

Jesica is an extroverted, family-oriented person with many goals ahead of her who likes fashion, music and dancing. MagasIN has spoken with her to find out what it is like to succeed and have so much social exposure, being so young.

What led you to open your TikTok account for the first time? When and how did you start growing on social networks?

Honestly, I didn’t go on June 4th and open a TikTok account thinking I was going to get a specific number of followers. It was something unexpected, when I was little I started recording myself on a 2DS and from there I continued doing what I liked most: dancing. And, until now, thanks to my profile on networks, I have achieved everything I have.

Are you studying or working? If so, how do you combine it with networks?

I would say that I am studying and, at the same time, working on social networks. And, I combine it well, but it is true that studies limit me and consume my time more than I would like. Sometimes, they give me a lot of exams or assignments, and it’s something that annoys me, because I would love to be able to dedicate a little more of that time to social networks. But I also understand that continuing to study is good for my future.

With almost 7 million followers, what has been your most viral video?

One of the biggest hits for my profile was a video in which I danced to the song “Drakukeo” by Kidd Keo. A lot of people on TikTok started playing it too. And although there are two or three more that were quite viral, that is the one that stood out the most.

@jjeesiicaa_ 🔞 1 year left #lentils ♬ original sound – 🧏🏾‍♂️

You are 18 years old, how do you manage having so many millions of followers at such a young age? Has the exhibition been difficult for you at any time?

Yes, it is true that I am very young to manage so much exposure, in fact, I started in this when I was 16 years old. For both me and my family it has been something new, which we had not experienced nor did we know we were going to experience.

From my experience, it hasn’t been difficult. I handle it quite well because I’m lucky enough to not receive a lot of criticism of myself. That is something I am very grateful for, because he has allowed me to grow organically, without getting into bad trouble.

Which does not mean that it was difficult for both my closest circle and me to assimilate all this; even today, I think we continue to assimilate it. A girl who started recording herself when she was 11 years old and, now, has achieved all this, because it is not something that happens every day.

Have you ever featured family and friends on your profile, what does your closest circle think of your success on TikTok?

The one I usually include in my videos the most is my mother, because I have a super close bond with her. In general, my family is a fundamental pillar for me. They have always been very proud of me and everything I have achieved as a super simple girl, coming from a humble home. That’s why I know that I will always have them there to support me in all my decisions.


my mom joined the trend 🙀

♬ BABY OTAKU – Pablo Pesadilla & Polimá Westcoast & Nickoog Clk & Fran C

It could be said that your social style is urban and casual. Do you think it is important to show the public an image that is as natural and real as possible?

I do think it is important, because we have to remember that both I and the person behind the screen are human beings, and showing something that you are not really means deceiving yourself and your audience. I think that naturalness is something that attracts a lot of attention, because it makes people familiar with you and your content, and makes them see you as someone normal and real, without filters.

So how would you define your content on Tik Tok? And, what would you say sets your profile apart from the rest?

It’s a question I still don’t really know how to answer, but I think it’s an inspiring account. I believe, and I hope to have done so, that I have been able to serve as an inspiration for people my age to whom I have tried to show on many occasions that criticism should not stop you from doing what you want.

For example, I had a bad time when people laughed at me for everything I did on social media. Since I started at such a young age to expose myself in front of a camera, without even being anyone in this world, people made fun of me, told me I was ridiculous and republished my videos to laugh. But, even so, I never abandoned it, because it was what I liked. Why would I leave it alone because people didn’t like it?

So, that’s what I’ve always tried to show my followers, that if you have a dream or a goal that motivates you, don’t abandon it for anyone who gives you non-constructive criticism, be true to yourself.

@jjeesiicaa_ brag that you are worth gold #lentils ♬ It is Damaged – Ivan Cornejo

The Tik Tok Spain community is known for having generated various controversies between its profiles, have you ever found yourself involved in one of them?

I am very grateful that I have never found myself involved in a controversy and I hope to never find myself involved in one of them. I don’t like that world of continually seeking controversy. Simply, I have been able to grow in a very organic way, being myself without needing to be part of commotions to gain visibility, and I am very grateful for that.

Looking to the future, would you like to dedicate yourself to dancing professionally? And, regarding the possibility of continuing to dedicate yourself to networks, how socially accepted do you think working as an influencer is?

It is true that dancing is a hobby that I have always liked, I love music too, but it is not something that I visualize in my mind as a professional plan for the future. Although, if one day I am given the opportunity, I would be more than happy to dance professionally, social media is what I would really like to dedicate myself to. Since I have such a privileged position, I want to enhance that and make it my profession. Although sometimes it is said that social networks can be something ephemeral, if you invest and project it well, it can become something very long-term.

Finally, what do you like most and least about the world of social networks?

What I may least like about social media is, on many occasions, the social pressure to which you expose yourself, both physically and mentally. Because, like any public figure, you have to face all the criticism, good and bad. And with all the reach that a platform like TikTok has, if you are not a very confident person, it can crush you a lot emotionally.

But what I like most about it is that you have a super wide range of opportunities. It makes you experience things that, perhaps, you had never considered, I have been able to enjoy unique and unforgettable experiences for which I am super grateful. Furthermore, it has allowed me to meet wonderful people, people that I will take with me for life.

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