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‘Kurashi’: the keys to Marie Kondo’s new method that aims to change our lives

The name of Marie Kondo has not only permeated the world of decoration. The so-called “organizing guru” is the author of a true phenomenon, the KonMari method, which encourages “organizing by category, not by location, starting with clothes, then moving on to books, papers, komono (miscellaneous items) and, finally, sentimental items” in order to build a space in harmony with our mind.

The book The magic of order: tools to organize your house, which explains the method and life experience of its author, has literally gone around the world. Marie Kondo returns in 2022 with a new method, the so-called Kurashipresented in his work Kurashi at Home: How to Organize Your Space and Achieve Your Ideal Lifeon sale since last November 15.

What does it consist of?

Kurashi It translates as “way of life” or “the ideal way to spend our time” although it encompasses more than it implies.

The concept of Kurashi take this one step further KonMari: By seeing the world through the lens of what matters most, we begin to live our lives in the best way possible.. “I believe that when we consciously value something precious, we deepen our relationship with it,” Marie Kondo explains in her work. “This, in turn, deepens our ties to other things in our lives, bringing out the best in them and ourselves.”

“What if every decision you made, every goal you set, and every aspect of your life was guided by what sparks joy?” The answer to this question is what Marie means by Kurashi. By embracing our internal compasses, we find gratitude in everyday life and make more meaningful decisions.

How to apply it?

As can be seen in the work of Marie Kondo, it lies first in the expansion of our vision. Define the Kurashi It involves going beyond the physical borders of our home and thinking about what our ideal life could be like. This method aims, in this sense, to guide the journey towards order but also the day-to-day approach, the establishment of goals and the construction of relationships.

He also advocates not putting restrictions or limits, an innate tendency that sometimes prevents us from moving forward or creating the life we ​​want. It is essential to let yourself be guided by your intuition.

He also recommends taking your time and forgetting about “I can’t live.” Sometimes it turns out that we have more time than we think, however, we don’t always make the most of it. We dedicate it to tasks that are not so important. Hence the redefinition of priorities: finding the Kurashi It means committing to taking time for yourself.

Just like you should find time for what really matters to you., remember the importance of also creating the space that corresponds to you. Take time to quietly reflect, appreciate and be grateful for the existence and layout of your home. Don’t hesitate to think about how you can make it a more comfortable space.

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