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‘Laura in peach’: the new collection by Women’secret and Laura Escanes, perfect for cold days

On the coldest days of winter comes a dilemma: be pretty or comfortable. A choice that does not have to be incompatible, and Women’secret makes it clear.

The lingerie and pajamas brand presents, together with Laura Escanes, a selection of very warm garments to be at home on the coldest days of the season.

Laura in peach is the name of the collection influencer in which the peach color stands out, along with sheep fabrics and cotton, to be comfy at home.

And if what you are looking for is comfort and simplicity, we recommend the long-sleeved, relaxed-fit overshirt, made of beige corduroy fabric.

With cotton, it is ideal for this season. In addition, it has dropped shoulders, a shirt collar and a button placket.

Images provided by Women’secret

It also has matching pants and both are also on sale. Every part is worth 20.99 euros, so it is a good time to renew your bedding and show off the colors of the season.

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