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Lipedema: Vascular Pathology

Surgical treatment is needed, remembering that Lipedema has no cure.

Lipedema is the abnormal accumulation of fat in the legs and hipscaused by hormonal changes and genetic predisposition, therefore, it occurs in women of all ages.

It occurs after the first menstruation, increasing much more from 25 years.


Grade 1 to 5

The classification takes into account the quality of the skin and the amount of fat, accumulated form

Grade 1

The skin surface is normal, the adipose tissue is soft, small nodules

Grade 2

The skin is already irregular and hard because the adipose tissue has more nodules

3rd grade

The skin is deformed by adipose tissue, especially on the ankles and hips.


The manifestations of Lipedema are varied and increase over time. Some symptoms that patients experience are:

  • Increase in volume in the affected area and disproportion of this with respect to other parts of the body
  • Feeling of heaviness and continuous pain
  • Sudden episodes of inflammation
  • Appearance of the Cuff cup, that is, the fat volume begins to accumulate just above the ankles and not below them
  • Pressure in the calves
  • Constant itching
  • Appearance of bruises.
  • Increased sensitivity to contact


This It is a very difficult pathology to manage. that in practically no center they give it continuity because it requires transdisciplinary monitoring that implies Minimally Invasive Surgery and Transdermal Therapies with Magnetotherapy or Cryotherapy.

It also involves conservative treatments that include Manual Lymphatic Drainage, PressotherapyMagnetotherapy that seeks to reduce pain and symptoms.

Surgical treatment is needed, remembering that the Lipedema has no curebut by eliminating a good part of the accumulated fat, the symptoms of pain and heaviness are reduced as well as the aesthetic part.

We must remember that diets and weight loss do not serve to eliminate the pathology..