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Lipoinjection, another alternative to Prostheses

Plastic Surgeries have been increasing in recent years due to the constant search for physical perfection, which is why doctors have been innovating in techniques in order to provide better results to the patient with a shorter recovery time and using substances. obtained from the same body, as is done with Lipoinjection

What is Lipoinjection?

The Lipoinjection It is a method that uses excess fat obtained through Liposuction and is reused to fill other areas that lack it. This technique manages to highlight the volume in areas such as the buttocks without the need for a prosthesis.

Who is a candidate?

This surgery is indicated in patients who present excess fatty tissue in the torso, with atrophy of the glutes, in other words, lack of projection and volume in this area.

How is it done?

Conventional Liposuction should be performed, which consists of the aspiration of fat through metal cannulas connected to a vacuum equipment. Through this technique, vital fatty tissue is obtained, which must be manipulated as little as possible, taking care of asepsis throughout the procedure.

Subsequently, the excess liquid is removed to obtain pure fat, which is injected into syringes with special cannulas for this purpose. molding manually during the injection process.

Pre and post surgery care

For this surgery you must go to a Plastic Surgery Specialist who will suspend all medications that alter coagulation and determine the type of anesthesia and procedure appropriate for each patient. Photographs are taken to compare before and after and the necessary examinations will be ordered, in addition to signing a prior consent accepting the risks inherent to the procedure.

Recovery will depend on many factors, such as age, race, type of procedure, and the habits and lifestyles of each patient. In general terms, after fourteen days the bruises (purple). The inflammation will gradually reduce, and the final result will be obtained between one and three months.

Postoperative care consists of the use of a compressive garment which should be used for approximately 3 months, adjusting as measurements are lost. Avoid exertion, maintain a balanced diet and the consumption of anti-inflammatories prescribed by the Specialist that will provide lubrication and antibiotic protection.

Finally, postoperative massages should be performed to promote lymphatic drainage and molding. It is important to note that you should avoid the sun for at least three months.