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Lola Ídigo: “We are going to do a more complicated show because I need to feel afraid”

The Dragon from the artist Lola Indigo (Miriam Doblas Muñoz) spread her wings on April 14, when her third studio album was published, of which we already knew four songs (Diskoteka, Broken hearts, Single ladies and The Saint).

Her new album has eleven songs that for her are very powerful. “The truth is that I have been making a lot of music for two years and I have selected the eleven best, which has resulted in an album with ‘zero skips‘, which you can listen to straight away, it’s very entertaining.

The singer and dancer tells magasIN that it is an album that travels through many styles, but that they all have in common that “atmospheric momentfuturistic, slightly electronic bar of what the sound of the dragon represents to me”.

She has precisely chosen the dragon because for her it represents the most powerful evolution of his character. “I already went through the witch, then the girl, now I touched the dragon. For me they are like present, past and future.”

The singer Lola Índigo.


The title of the album refers to be more mature and strong that the artist conceives, taken to the personal level, as the culmination of a personal process that she has reached by experiencing freedom in its purest form.

For her, maturing is To know who you are, know your place in your show, on stage, in your way of being, in your project, “and embrace it and take care of it above all.” Freedom in its purest form has been experienced making the music you want. “Actually I think that’s why there’s a little bit of everything in The Dragonalthough we have tried to link the sound in all the songs, it is still a bit of doing what I want and experimenting.”

The album is packed with groovy songs. Give to play It is almost synonymous with starting to dance. However, the last song is different and if Lola Índigo had to stick with one song from the eleven, it would be this one, which is precisely called The Dragon.

“It’s the most personal song. I talk about all my traumas and I think it will connect more with people because we have all gone through some or all of those traumas,” he confesses to magasIN.

He wrote the song on a plane and thinks it’s the perfect time to listen to it. “I wrote it there because it was a moment in which I was a little overwhelmed. I felt a little lonely because I had been traveling for a long time, going away from home. I missed my mother, my family, a lot. My grandmother was sick and she needed some grounding and she was up in the air.”

Resurrect Amy Winehouse

The new album arrives full of collaborations. We were able to meet some of them before the album came out. It is the case of Broken hearts, which has the collaboration of Luis Fonsi; and discotheque, with Maria Becerra.

But if there is a song that he sings with another artist that everyone was looking forward to hearing, it is The fool, in which we listen to it together Quevedo, one of the artists of the moment. This promises to be one of the hits of the summer.

Now, you would like to collaborate with From the sourcewho is from his city, Granada, and one of his favorite artists.

Also, if I could resurrect an artist to do a collaboration, I don’t hesitate, I would bring them back from the dead and make a song with Amy Winehouse.

“Anyone can rock it on TikTok”

Lola Índigo is not only a singer, she is also professional ballerina and so we can verify it in their video clips and in their shows. We asked the artist if when she goes out to party with her friends she also dances and laughing she responds:

“If I go out with my friends who don’t dance, no, I drink. If I go out with my dancing friends I get dusty. Today, for example, for the presentation of the album the twelve dragons (the twelve dancers) come and everything is going to happen.”

We also see her very active on networks, especially on TikTokwhere he dances to pieces of his songs and also those of other artists.

“I really like TikTok above all because it is a social network in which creativity is valued and not so much the superficiality of seeing cool, beautiful, the clothes… If not Anyone can rock it on TikTok. And that has also had an impact on the music, the charts and it’s really cool because it really accommodates everyone and I think that’s what’s needed.”


we’re back bitxi$$$$ 🔥🫀🔥

♬ BROKEN HEARTS – Lola Indigo & Luis Fonsi

Something that we cannot ignore are his styles and he is not only a musical reference, their looks inspire an entire generation.

“The truth is that I have many references. From Christina Aguilera in the 2000s, Shakira in the 2000s, to Lady Gaga in her beginnings. Many pop divasbut mainly these three.”

Their outfits most iconic can now be collected in the form of little dolls

“I have always liked collecting things and I have liked collecting dolls. So I am very excited to have some dolls from my eras, from my different looks and since they came inside a silver egg, it’s as if the egg was a time machine and then you travel to an era of Lola Indigo. “I thought it was a very cool gift for the fans.”

“There is misogyny in the ear”

The artist Lola Índigo.


The artist, according to EFEit is recognized feminist and that is why she explains that she does not make feminist music, but that she is and this is transferred to her songs. Therefore, we asked her how she sees the situation of women in the music industry.

“On the platforms and the media they have to support us and put us at the forefront so that this inequality is not seen in the playlists or presence. There is already a lot of misogyny in the general ear of people. If you pay attention to your surroundings, you will hear many more men than women and they don’t realize it,” he answers.

And he continues: “Then we have to change that, we have to demonstrate with the help of everyone I have told you, that our proposals are very interesting, that we make great music and that this is a social and platform problem too.”

Upcoming concerts

We ended up talking about his upcoming concerts. On May 6 it will be at the Wizink Center in Madrid and on the 13th of the same month at the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona.

It was already at Wizink during the Covid era, with a reduced capacity. Now it will have full capacity, “with a lot of people”, 16,000 people.

We have had to look for things that put us a little on the limit. So we’re going to do a more complicated show because I need a little fear, to feel afraid. I think everyone is going to like her a lot. It’s going to be interesting to see and they’re going to recommend it,” she says.

And he continues: “It’s a show that, regardless of whether you like my music or don’t know it, you don’t have to be a fan to come see it. What I want is for people to feel that, even if they’re not a fan, you are going to enjoy it because it goes further. On an artistic level there are twelve dragons, twelve impressive dancers, the musical arrangements are the best, the musicians are incredible, the lights, the visuals, the shape of the stage is amazing. So I want people to see all of this. “It’s worth seeing.”

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