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‘Long layer’: what is the haircut that all the experts are talking about?

Each new year is presented as a new opportunity for aesthetic changes. After a 2022 marked by numerous hair trends, such as the butterfly cut, 2023 should be no less.

This is what numerous experts have told us, with proposals as striking as the long layer, a layered cut that is already worn by numerous celebrities and style prescribers. Find out what it is and how to wear it this year.

What does it consist of? long layer?

“Yesand it is a cut with long hair but that this season will take with the stripe on one side. The middle part has been in fashion for a long time.Yovery time so we start with the novelty of wearing the stripe more displaced.

Long hair is also going to be worn with a disconnect at the top, which is scaled in such a way that it has no relation to the sideburn and nape part. The effect, to understand it, is that of a double cut” they explain from Llongueras. Therefore, it consists of wearing XXL hair, with layers, to provide movement.

“He layer Bob It is a cut with layers and an unstructured look inspired by the 1930s and the Louise Brooks aesthetic, which is very flattering on thin and oval faces, but less so on those that are round or with a wide neck. Your version long It will be the one that will be in fashion this 2023, with hair a little below the shoulders and layers, longer“adds Ismael De Felipe (Calle Padilla, 74. Madrid).

Other successful hairstyles

This 2023, the mullet. The director of the Parisian brand Franck Provost tells us that “although it is a style that has been a trend for months now, this time it allows you to wear the sideburns and neck area longer. The upper part is worn more scaled and weathered and “The bangs are very short, about halfway across the forehead and irregular.”

One of its versions, the wolfcutalso promises to succeed: “It is a soft and glam of the iconic mullet, a layered cut with disconnection between the mid-lengths and ends. As its name indicates, it is inspired by the fur of wolves and, therefore, an untamed, very free and rebellious finish is sought.

It is a style that highlights the natural texture of the hair, so it adapts to all types of hair. The bangs and front contour are worked to frame the face, allowing the cut to be fully personalized, while harmonizing the features. We will opt for midi or long versions for round or square faces, and shorter ones and closer to the shag in the case of oval or narrow faces,” explains Mónica Duque, director of Salón Seensay in Santander.

Also pay attention to curly bedhead: “Wavy and curly textures offer us the perfect base to achieve a ‘just out of bed’ style, very natural and flattering. In this case, we are not looking for very defined curls, but slightly undone and overlapping each other.

It is a look that we can find in all types of lengths, although I especially recommend it in its shorter version, with volume in the upper area and the tighter sides, to achieve an effect that is as sophisticated as it is daring,” says Conchi Arias, director of Curlyhair Fields, in Granada.

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