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Lorena Maldonado, the sweet face of the acidic journalist with a chewy heart

‘Get ready, we’re leaving’ is the magasIN podcast in where every week Cruz Sánchez de Lara and Charo Izquierdo have an intimate, inspiring, fun conversation sprinkled with laughter and emotions with a woman of rips and tears. Like those magnificent moments with friends that we like and need so much.

Something that he has been able to take advantage of in his interviews because “it has to do with what we do when we want someone to open up with generosity. I learned that from my grandmother, who does a little like you -referring to Cruz Sánchez de Lara-, which is to give each person their ownwhich is also an emotional intelligence that we don’t have as much and should have more of,” says the journalist.

“A compulsive seeker of intimacy,” as Charo Izquierdo defines her, who is clear that “if we don’t have a headline we have nothing.” For this reason, Lorena Maldonado gives herself, both in her interviews and in her columns, and assures that “I like that we all take risks.”

The Malagueña does not leave anyone alone in the mud. He cannot conceive of getting involved in a conversation in any other way if it is not true.. A quality that she defines as “not cheating” because if she is clear about one thing, it is that “I don’t want to expose anyone but myself,” she confesses.

‘Melee journalism’ Cruz Sánchez de Lara calls what Maldonado practices. The one in which one always seeks “the fusion of the most contradictory feelings, love and lack of love or hatred, lasciviousness and chastity, hunger and gluttony, caresses and distances, kisses and rudeness.”

Half an hour of conversation between three intense women (as they describe themselves) in which, as it could not be otherwise, they talk about feelings, ‘red storms’, self-esteem, love and sex, instinct… but also vulnerability because, as Sánchez de Lara always insists, “Strong women have a difficult time making others believe in the tyranny of their weaknesses”.

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