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Loreto Ordóñez: The future of engineering will be female; They have a lot of social purpose

I go back to inspire me among female friends. A blessing to see Loreto again, a woman I admire and for whom I have great affection, which I perceive is mutual. Difficult moments had prevented me from recording before, so, knowing that chatting with her was going to be a sure balm, we met at Engie’s Madrid headquarters, a bright building that surprises me in a good way.

Gloria Lomana and Loreto Ordóñez

We met many years ago and this day when we met to chat, we were surprised, well we seemed like soulmates, dressed as if one were the photographic negative of the other, a game of black and white that seemed to have been coordinated before. It makes me laugh and that’s how we start talking.

Two decades of experience in the energy and gas sector in companies in various European countries gives a lot of value, especially if the main stage of his career, that of CEO of Engie, began in 2011 with challenges as notable as the previous one. financial crisis and what we later had to live through, and we are suffering.

No obstacle has diverted it from its focus: working with digitalization for non-polluting, clean energies, improving energy efficiency with digitalization.

It is a honor to have been recognized with the National Order of Merit by the President of the French Republic. Nice this be a prophet in your landIn this case, being recognized for her work in a French company, and it is also nice that this is the case in our country, where she has been distinguished as the best CEO in the lists of Forbes, Yo Dona and Top 100 Women Leaders in the Senior Management category. .

Always an opportunity to talk to her.