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lululemon: the sports brand that sweeps the networks inside and outside the gym

lululemon is a brand of technical sports clothing, sneakers and accessories for yoga, running, training and practically any other sporting activity. The brand creates products and experiences that transform those who use them and help establish meaningful connections.

The company’s solid business model is not only based on product innovation and caring for the customer experience, but also on creation of a local community and in promoting a culture that focuses on physical and mental well-being.

The brand was founded in Canada in 1998 and has since set the pace for innovation in fabrics and functional designs. A brand whose purpose is to defend its values: from business strategy and innovation to connecting with its customers and work to create a strong culture.

The brand is based on the acronym IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity and action), as it seeks to accelerate significant and lasting changes, promote well-being internally, in different communities and in the world.

Star Collections

Three of the brand’s main collections are Align, Metal Vent Tech and ABC, made up of special fabrics and each one is designed for a type of activity whose result is products that help you feel good and develop to the maximum.

The Align Collection: Designed for yoga practice, it is made with Nulu fabric that absorbs sweat and provides a feeling of lightness and freedom, designed to feel like a second skin.

ABC Collection: The ABC Pant is a definitive representation of lululemon men’s design, based on the idea of ​​infinite versatility, unquestionable comfort and functional performance.

Fast & Free: Designed for running freely with Nulux fabric.

Commitment to the environment

lululemon is helping to bring physical, mental and social well-being to all people, but it also has a commitment to the planet, since all the brand’s products They avoid harming the environment.

Additionally, the brand published its first impact program in 2020, detailing multi-year commitments and strategies to contribute to a healthier world.

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Includes ambitious sustainability goals, such as making 100% of its products are made with sustainable materials and implement end-of-use solutions by 2030.

Last year, lululemon achieved 100% renewable electricity at its own facilities, partnered with Genomatica to create the first plant-based alternative to nylon, and was named a major contributor to the new Fashion Climate Fund with 250 million dollars.

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