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Luz Casal’s testimony about breast cancer: “Fear is worse than the disease”

Saturday, October 19, 2019, 11:05


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The cure for breast cancer, the most common among women, has taken some very important steps in recent years to the point where nearly 90 percent of patients are able to overcome the disease. The improvement in diagnostic techniques and treatments are behind the increase in the survival of patients. This was presented this Friday at the penultimate conference of the second edition of the ‘Science and Health’ cycle, organized by the Unicaja Foundation and SUR.

On this occasion, the prestigious oncologist and emeritus professor of Medicine at the University of Valencia, Ana Lluch, and the Galician singer Luz Casal participated. Both have conveyed a positive message to the people who were in the Unicaja assembly hall on Acera de la Marina and have said that we must banish the fear of breast cancer and try to face the disease with a positive spirit.

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Luz Casal has told what her experience of the breast tumor she suffered was like. In this regard, she has expressed a vitalistic and optimistic testimony, in which she has emphasized that breast cancer can be defeated and cured after saying that in 2007 she was diagnosed with a tumor in the right breast and in 2010 another in the left breast. . «For me, cancer is a closed chapter, because I decided to use my time and energy to live. It was my obligation to move forward, stand up to cancer and fight. And that’s what I’m doing,” said Luz Casal, who has said that hope lies in science. Likewise, she has indicated that you have to take the bull by the horns and have a very positive attitude. “Fear must be banished, because it is worse than the disease,” the singer said after a question asked during the discussion. For her part, for Dr. Lluch, the fear of cancer is combated with good information.

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