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Mabel Lozano and her series about prostitution in Spain: “We are not going to whitewash something lacerating”

Faithful to his fight against prostitution, the filmmaker and actress Mabel Lozano is in luck and announces a new challengea new project with which she is full and excited.

If a few months ago he announced the premiere of his documentary Avawhich addresses the sexual exploitation of women with disabilities with great public and critical success, has just released the three-episode series PornXploitation on RTVE Play, and now we are told that one of his best documentaries, formerly a documentary book, will soon become a successful television series.

The pimp (Alreves, 2018), the non-fiction book by Mabel Lozanoawarded the Rodolfo Walsh award, which became the documentary The pimp. Short step, bad temper, It will now arrive on the small screen from the film’s producer as beasts and the series Riot gearHorse Films.

The pimp is set in the late 90s and delves into the shadows of the world of prostitution and trafficking, through the eyes of the character nicknamed ‘the musician’ who He actually recruited more than 1,700 foreign women to trade their bodies in Spain. and revolutionize the prostitution industry. He shares the spotlight with Claudia, a Colombian sex slave, and with a police inspector, who continues to work today.

The producer Caballo Films will co-produce the fiction with Mafalda Entertainment, Lozano’s production company. “We are with Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Isabel Peña, etc., very successful people right now, so I am very happy. The truth is that we have been working on this project for many years. As soon as the book was published, in 2018, Rodrigo Sorogoyen called me and he told me that they liked it a lot, and they wanted to buy the rights, but at that time I told them that I wasn’t selling them. They also called me from Ecuavisa in Ecuador,” says Lozano.

And he continues: “I was clear that I did not want to sell the rights because to me Narcos It seemed to me that it whitewashed drug traffickers and turned Escobar into an idol. I didn’t want that for my book, especially if I wasn’t in the adaptation. They have already whitewashed cinema and literature enough.”

“When I sat down with Caballo Films they offered me something wonderful. On the one hand, co-producing it with them, and also being in the content, I have been the advisor for the scripts, which means being in it 100%,” she concludes.

The direction will be carried out by Pilar Palomero, the filmmaker who won two Goya awards for the film The girls. “We were all very clear that we wanted to put a woman’s perspective on this topic that is so masculinized,” says Mabel. “In The Girls I was already surprised by the way he placed the camera, which is very lively. “Pilar is going to do very well with a view of commitment and sensitivity.”

Are you excited about the project?

I am incredibly excited because today I also received the Pilar Bardem award from the Film Academy for committed cinema. A week ago they called me to notify me that the Board of Directors had unanimously agreed to give me this award. All together, it seems like I’m on a promotion (laughs). They deliver it to me on July 11.

At what point is the series project now?

We are finishing the first scripts to make a pilot and the development has already been done quite closely to the book itself. It is told in the first person, but in three voices: the ‘musician’ himself, one of the Colombian women who exploited, and a police inspector, who has dedicated his entire life to prosecuting pimping, a real flesh and blood character, and also a very good friend of mine.

It is also the story of the transition in our country, between ‘normal’ prostitution and trafficking in women that took place at the end of the 90s, when a group of pimps, pimps, thugs, very young people who were the ones who created this such a perverse form of exploitation of women. It is a page of prostitution in our country. We will record a first season of eight episodes.

Anti-trafficking activist, social filmmaker, do you identify with these definitions?

I am more of a spokesperson who uses different microphones and platforms. Cinema, documentary cinema, books, I use forums of opinion in different media, everything within my reach to continue speaking out against sexual slavery.

You were with the Minister…

Yes. When I won the Goya, Montero called me and I went to the Ministry and we talked to include within the Law of Only If Yes, condemning all aspects of pimping so that no one can profit from prostitution. Finally, the Comprehensive Anti-Trafficking Law was not included, and has remained stagnant in Congress. This is a legislative reform and does not require financial support. Therefore, we must continue talking about this.

This is not a fashionable issue, it is a human rights issue, we are talking about the fact that in our country the majority of women in prostitution are victims of trafficking because they are practically almost all migrant women. This is not a fashion, this is a reality of violation of human rights.

That is why the Pimp series is so important, because joining efforts with such an incredible group is wonderful for reaching young people. It doesn’t reach them through documentary film because it doesn’t interest them. This series is going to interest you and we are not going to whitewash it. We are going to make a great series but without whitewashing something that seems painful to us.

Are you afraid of next July 23?

I understand that we are in a democracy and what the citizens think is what will come out at the polls and I will have to accept it, whether I like it more or less. We are in a guaranteeing country where human and civil rights are very important, so all parties should put their big ears on, because there are things that are neither white, nor black, nor blue, nor red, they are human rights.

The denial of gender violence that a specific party makes seems despicable to me. This is an involution.

When Vox says something like I deny climate change and I deny gender violence, it is as if I were saying I deny that there are clouds in the sky and I deny that there is earth under my shoes. Climate change is a real fact, unfortunately. What is happening now? A horrible heat bomb that affects the most vulnerable. People who have money go into their house with air conditioning and that’s it, but those who work on construction sites on the street die.

They also say that gender violence is a chimera. I wish they were right, and there were no women who are murdered with impunity for the fact of being women.

What scares me? The involution in human rights. I think that many years ago we decided that we should go backwards, not even to gain momentum.

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