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Malasmadres launches a free psychological assistance telephone number

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The pandemic has increased mental health problems in a large part of the population, also including women. Teleworking, care, confinement… All of this caused that during 2020 a of every three women sought psychological help. Aware of this problem, the Yo No Renuncio Association, of the Malasmadres Club, launched this Wednesday the Telephone I take care of myselfa free psychological care service for women facing different mental health problems.

“We know that the coronavirus crisis has unleashed another true epidemic: mental health problems. But is that Before Covid, mothers were already carrying an added backpack of stress, anxiety and fatiguewhich has now become even more acute,” declared Laura Baena, president of the Yo No Renuncio Association, during the presentation.

“This service was born with the vocation of help Malasmadres take care of themselves so they can take care of themselves, not to forget themselves; It was also born so that they can see that they are not alone, since the Yo No Renuncio Association and the Malasmadres Club work to accompany and help women mothers,” she added.

The founder of the Club, who has been at the headquarters of the Telefónica Foundation, accompanied by the psychologist Laura Rojas-Marcos and the communicator Tania Llasera, has stressed that this project was born “out of the need to provide support and specialized help to thousands of women mothers who express their problems in the community of Malasmadres”.

Telephone I take care of myself

As explained, people who want to ask for help by using the Yo Me Cuido Telephone, must register in advance on the website Afterwards, they can call the telephone number indicated to them for free. Always will be attended by a group of psychologists from the Health and Person Foundationan expert entity in the field of health and emotional well-being, which provides in-person and telephone psychological care services to companies.

These professionals will offer psychological and emotional counseling in different aspects such as personal and family crises, anguish, loneliness, depression or anxiety; special situations such as accidents, separations, bullying, accompaniment to grief or health; eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia; Couple relationships, bullyingschool difficulties, ICT addictions or drug addictions.

In total, the telephone service team is made up of 25 psychologists, women, and Malasmadres has stressed that “all with extensive experience and an average age of 42 years, who have been working with the Salud y Persona Foundation for years.” In addition, the team has been specifically formed to be able to serve the women and mothers who will use the service.

Thanks to this service, users will also be able to access therapies with special offers through the Integralia Foundationsuch as specific psychological treatment programs, psycho-pedagogical support at school age or anti-stress relaxation therapies.

The numbers don’t lie

The Yo No Renuncio Association pays for this service, which is offered in collaboration with DKV, through the DKV Health and Wellness Club.

This is not the first time that Malasmadres has joined DKV to make the importance of mental health visible. In July 2020, both entities published a survey, in which more than 10,000 women participated, which revealed that 86% of Spanish women felt apathetic, sad or unmotivated.

Laura Rojas-Marcos, Laura Baena and Tania Llasera.

Previously, in January 2020, another survey showed that 95% of women spend less time taking care of themselves since they become mothers. Three out of four feel stressed frequently: 52% say quite often and 24% always. In fact, five out of ten women surveyed say that their daily diet has worsened. 75% do not have time to play sports and 23% say they never go to the gynecologist.

During the presentation, psychologist Laura Rojas-Marcos, author of numerous books and researcher, highlighted the importance of taking care of mental and emotional health, in addition to physical health. “To take good care of others, that is, to be good caregivers, we must first learn to take care of ourselves. This requires not only the knowledge, physical space and fundamental resources to offer these services, but also to do so in a responsible, respectful and rigorous manner with trained, specialized and qualified health professionals.”

For her part, Tania Llasera stated that “women’s mental health has always been the last passenger and even more so if they are mothers. Always thinking about others before putting ourselves first.”

“It is time to take control of our health”he defended, adding that “only a mentally healthy mother can educate a mentally healthy human. This phone is a ray of light in the darkness of the days in motherhood where you see no way out.”

Also representing DKV was Eugenia Serena, head of communication and marketing at DKV Club Salud y Bienestar, who stated that “a fairer society is only possible with women who enjoy the same rights and privileges as men.”

“Mental health in general is one of the great pending issues in our country and it is not always easy to access professionals, which is why we believe that this service will provide tools for those who need help,” he concluded.

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