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Manicure with dots: the beauty trend that you should not lose sight of

It is a simple and subtle manicure that, in turn, allows creativity to be unleashed due to its versatility and the multiplicity of options to choose from. From acrylic nails to gel nails, any will be a good option for this type of design.

Rita Remark, Global Lead Manicurist of Essiehe told the magazine Vogue that the trendy manicures for this season are based on take the glamor as part of everyday life and not make it something sporadic and typical of special events. According to her, her inspiration and that of many other women are not the greatest celebritiesbut designs that you see on social networks like Instagram or Pinterest.

When winter arrives, the pastel tones and vibrant colors of summer give way to earth tones and variants of maroon and red. This type of manicure will allow you to give an artistic touch to nude colors. So, You can mix simplicity and elegance with originality.

Manicures following the “dot nails” trend

Maria Nieto

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Do It Yourself

More and more women prefer to do their manicure themselves instead of always resorting to beauty salons and beauty centers. The key to this type of manicure is choosing the utensil with which to perform it and, above all, being patient..

The tool to use will depend on the thickness you want to give to the points. If you want very fine points, we recommend using a pin or a toothpick. If, on the other hand, you want thicker and fewer points, use the button of a rounded pen.

Here we leave you the tutorial Essie for a perfect dotted manicure.

Some options

Simple and elegant

If you want to keep your manicure simple, but give it a touch of personality, you can add a single dot of color in the center or at the base of the nail.

in a circle

If you want to maintain the minimalist style, but give it a touch of creativity, this is your best option. Draw some circles bordering each nail to create a visual effect that will catch everyone’s eyes.


It consists of the same as the previous one, but drawing a line along the nail instead of drawing a circle. If you want to add originality, you can mix designs, colors and vertical and horizontal lines.


This option is perfect if what you want is to keep your manicure in style. dot in its purest essence, but giving it a touch of color.

French manicure

Another option is to reinvent the traditional French manicure and add a few dots instead of the typical white line on the edge of the nail.

Manicure bumble

This is, without a doubt, the most creative choice. The manicure bumble It is also in trend. It consists of applying a layer of gel creating the effect of a bubble. This type of manicure is usually applied to the entire nail, but you can reinvent it by making bubble-shaped dots, thus mixing the trend dot nails and the bumble nail.

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