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Manicure with pearls: how to recreate the latest trend that has gone viral

Although minimalism promises to prevail in 2023, some more striking trends resist: this is the case of manicure with jelly effect, wavy or baby boomer, that are presented like a faded French, giving a very natural appearance.

Among the latest viral milestones, it is worth highlighting the pearl manicure. And we are not referring to nails with a pearly finish, which imitate its luminous effect, but to its 3D application. The pearls, round and voluminous, shine directly on the nail.

This manicure echoes another trend that swept the holidays: pearls in hair. Placed subtly, either around a low bun or between the strands of loose hair, they attract all the attention due to their shine and natural elegant touch. Designers like Simone Rocha or Gabrielle Chanel turned them into their icons.

How to apply them?

The secret to this manicure lies in the placement. First of all, apply a protective base for the nail. Next, adhesive resin. Some products like Fix it! from Essence allow you to take care of the broken nail.

Of course, be careful with the composition, acrylates can be especially problematic for the nail and the skin. You just need to place the pearls with tweezers, one by one, to achieve the desired finish.

Another extremely easy way to achieve a long-lasting finish is through the application of gel or porcelain nails. You will just have to make sure that you are They adhere correctly to your natural nail.

Manicure ideas with pearls

Your nail will stand out with the application of several small pearls, distributed equally over the entire surface. They will look perfect on rounded nails.

You can combine the trend with another, such as the frosted effect popularized by celebrities like Hailey Bieber. It involves applying a layer of enamel whose effect imitate the effect produced by a sugar coating.

If you are looking for more discretion and versatility, applying a smaller pearl to the root of the nail can be a good option. You can combine it with other even smaller ones or rhinestones.

The association of the French manicure with pearls is a success that is also currently successful on Instagram. This year, the French mani is reinvented with a metallic finish: “yes You want to innovate, but with something subtle, nothing extravagant, the chrome tips is your manicure. Keep the base bare and decorate only the tip with a fine line with metallic-colored polishes,” explain the experts at Ma Belle Salón.

Pearls on a base nude They shine for their simplicity. You can apply them on one of your nails and leave the others natural. The result is a minimalist manicure, with a very subtle touch of shine.

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