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Maribel and Myriam Yébenes: passion for beauty and aesthetics with the latest technology

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After almost five decades dedicated to beauty, Maribel Yébenes assures that she was born by and for this world beauty. Remember that when she was only 10 years old, she read women’s magazines in which beautiful women like Grace Kelly or Jackie Kennedy. Even then, he made them up by painting the covers.

“When I started working, I was lucky enough to get started in high cosmetics with German luxury and technology brands very good. I have always tried to find the best for my clients. 30 years ago, I was lto first Spanish beautician who dared to set up an aesthetic medical center with botox infiltrations”says the founder who in 1975 launched one of the most recognized beauty centers.

“I have always been very enterprising, without knowing it. I didn’t know I was until now, because I hear it constantly. I have sought excellence, but as something innate in me,” says the beauty and Alma mater of the company.

Maribel Yébenes in the cabin.

I have never had problems for being a woman. Quite the opposite. I have always felt that my work, my efforts, my dedication were valued… After 47 years we continue to lead the world of cosmetics, and that is important to me,” concludes Maribel Yébenes.

The change in company management has picked it up Myriam Yébeneswho since 2016 has been in charge of the centers.

“When it came into my hands, It was a professional family business, with all the values ​​and roots of Maribel Yébenes, which we did not want to lose. With very firm foundations around innovation, personalized treatment, the importance of team training… We have added digitalization, sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We have adapted it to the 21st century. Now experience and tradition coexist, with greater innovation and a younger spirit. In the end, the tandem is perfect,” says the heiress.

“Now experience and tradition coexist, with greater innovation and a younger spirit. In the end the tandem is perfect.”

Mother and daughter share work space and philosophy, although they do not always agree. “It has been very easy to work with my mother, we have always understood each other very well. In the first phase in the company I learned from the best, from the mother, from the teacher, from the pioneer in beauty.

AND In this second phase, we are getting to know each otherbecause in the end it is true that in the part of expansion we have different objectives, and we fight a little more in a healthy way, to see where the company can go. But we haven’t had any problems.”

“Now me too I am a mother and I have a boy and a girl, so we ensure the continuity of the saga. In the end, what you want is for your children to do what they want and be happy. But Just in case, the girl has the name Martina which also begins with M,” says Myriam Yébenes, while her mother by her side smiles during the conversation with MagasIN.

Question: Do you have new expansion plans?

Answer: In 2016 we prepared the company to expand and opened new branches. We have centers in Madrid, Malaga and also in Miami, San Sebastián, Vitoria and Burgos. We continue to grow, and soon we will open some more points between this year and next, which we cannot reveal yet…

Today in the centers you use as much technology as manual application

Our programs are totally personalized. We make a 360º plan for each person. First, a diagnosis with very cutting-edge technology, which allows us to do it objectively and then, it will help us to follow up.

In the treatments we apply advanced medical technologies, in addition to our own manual methods, with the essence of Maribel Yébenes and her “fairy hands”, which is the nickname by which she is known in the world of beauty.

This is usually 70% of our work and the remaining 30% corresponds to the part of aesthetic medicine, which for us is infiltrations of hyaluronic acid, Botox, vitamins, threads…

We also attach great importance to the beauty routine with our own brand, My Yébenes, which is exclusive to the center. They are treatments that we recommend following at home, because otherwise the improvements will not be maintained… We also advise nutricosmetics and other lifestyle advice, that is, what our clients have to do to compensate for their excesses.

The founder Maribel Yébenes.

What is the brand like? My Yébenes?

It is our own brand and was born with a very innovative concept. They already gave us an award because we were the first company to create the firmness index. We have formulas for the different degrees, according to this indicator. Depending on how the skin is, we have some parameters to work on it. We attach great importance to firmness to preserve youth.

Has the world of beauty changed?

It has changed a lot. Specifically and above all, the technology part. Much more powerful and advanced. For the client it translates into fewer sessions to achieve better results and less pain, because before we had more invasive techniques.

Another thing that has changed is access to beauty and there is greater interest. Man has also entered the world of care.

What has not changed is what was requested 40 years ago and what is requested now. They asked us, just like now, to look younger, but naturally.

One aspect that has been greatly improved in the last 10 or 15 years is that to make certain changes there was only surgery. There are now non-invasive alternatives.

Before we talked about prevention, but now we talk about beautifying at younger ages. For example, treating lip asymmetry or flat cheekbones…

A social change has occurred. As in all sectors, there is a popularization of the sector to which another public has access, but above all, it is society that gives more importance to the body and the face.

What types of premium treatments would you highlight?

We have more than 50 energies. There has been a revolution in innovations in the body area and two years ago the technology was born Emsculp Neo with high intensity electromagnetic energy (HIFEM).

It is a device designed to eliminate fat cells and develop muscle, non-invasively, in just 4 sessions. Until now you could tone up, but not build muscle.

Other technologies that have grown by 300% are alternatives to liposuction through cryolipolysis, which eliminate localized fat.

“We have very powerful radio frequencies, endorsed by the scientific community, with which in just one session a year, you can rejuvenate yourself by 5 to 7 years”

In terms of facial, we have witnessed a great change in recent years, especially in rejuvenation lasers. Now they do not cause pain, they do not leave redness and they can be done at any time of the year, even if it is in the sunny months.

These lasers achieve firmness, compaction, a filling effect, and we can even work with them inside the mouth. The objective: to achieve firmness in the upper part of the lips, cheekbones, nasolabial areas, etc.

And finally, we have very powerful radio frequencies, endorsed by the scientific community and with guaranteed results, with which in just one session a year, you can rejuvenate yourself by 5 to 7 years.

It seems that there are possibilities that robots could “deejay” instead of professionals…

This revolution is already underway. At international conferences, and for two years now, the first prototypes of robots have been presented. It is a matter of time, no more than 5 or 10 years. Although we only apply the technology that is best for our patients, always with guarantee and quality, we will surely not be left behind…

Is the company experiencing its best moment?

During the pandemic, the months of closure were bad for everyone. The first year of Covid we suffered the consequences, the losses. But in 2021 we grew because our clients have valued us highly, and because we quickly made a health and safety plan to avoid infections.

On May 4 we already had it fully implemented and since then we have continued investing in technology and equipment.

People now really want to take care of themselves, they need pampering, to look good, and this has benefited us. Although other nearby sectors, such as hairdressing, have closed 40%.

What are the treatments you apply?

Both my mother and I have applied many treatments. I always remember my mother covered in creams from head to toe. Having so many technologies, treatments and protocols to choose from… We really want to try.

Regarding infiltrations, we also follow the same protocol as with our clients. We get in when we need it. What we like is to see our skin firm, cared for, hydrated and radiant.

What type of beauty do you like in a woman?

Our philosophy has always been cared for skin, young but natural, that does not lose expression because we must maintain our identity. Embellishing of course and correcting some small defects, but always naturally. We like to anticipate what may happen to the skin in the future.

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